Allview X4 Soul

By: Adam Łukowski

Allview X4 Soul: flagship from Dracula’s country

The Romanian Allview company takes bolder steps. I had the occasion to test its flagship X4 Soul model and I must admit that this phone makes a really good impression.

Allview X4 Soul
Allview X4 Soul
photo: Adam Łukowski/GSMchoice.com

However, the Romanian flagship is not their own Allview. This is a rebranded Gionee S9 - but it is difficult to make an accusation out of this. It is rather worth commending that Allview decided to release such an interesting and a rather good (though not perfect) designed device on the market. I did not find too many flaws in it, it worked smoothly and it has an interesting design.

Allview X4 Soul: Video review (in Polish)
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

Housing and stylization

Allview X4 Soul pleases our eyes with a fashionable style. The convex glass of the display is connected with a solid, metal, unibody housing. The back of the phone can slightly resemble iPhone to some. And yes, we will find some similarities, but unfortunately not enough to be talking about copying. I prefer the word “inspiration”…

The phone is carefully crafted and created with attention to details. When it comes to the quality of the housing – I must complain about the durability of the dark cover. Unfortunately, it scratches rather easily, uncovering a bright, crude metal. It is a pity that the manufacturer offers the phone only in the black version. If we had a choice – I would have recommended brighter versions.

On the left side of the housing there is a metal tray for two nanoSIM cards or a one SIM and one microSD cards. The opposite side is taken by power and volume control buttons. They are small but comfortable in usage. On the upper part of the housing there is a minijack, while on the lower one there is a microUSB socket and holes suggesting a stereo speaker. Unfortunately – there is only one speaker, with an average sound.

Photography and video

The back of the housing is ornamented with a rather discreet manufacturer’s logo, there is {unfortunately!) a standing out frame that hides the dual lens of the main camera. The device allows “playing” with blurring the focus, but mainly – it gives a good quality of photos. Here are a few examples:

The camera has a simple, rather intuitive interface, which is different than the standard Android camera app and it may require getting used to it. The front camera works rather well too, but both cameras disappoint with the quality of videos. I cannot have any concerns towards colours and details representation, but I cannot say anything good about the smoothness of the image… Just see for yourself:

Videos recorded with X4 Soul
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube


The quality of the display is much better. This is an AMOLED display, so we can count on strong, intensive colours, a good brightness and a great black representation. The display is a strong point of Allview X4 Soul. The display can work in the eye protection mode (the blue light filter), and above it there was a place for a notifications LED – with the possibility to manage its work.

Below the display there are large system sensors without a backlight, while the “home” button is mechanical and it has a fingerprint scanner in it. It works rather ably, but it does not always takes a proper read during the first time. Let us say that for 10 tries, 8-9 are OK.

Efficiency and battery

I will not complain about the efficiency of the phone. It is not impressive – but it is decent. Allview X4 Soul works well in an everyday usage, not irritating the user with lags. Basically – any efficiency problems can be seen only during most demanding games and while recording videos…

I was positively surprised with the battery of this model. I was using Allview X4 Soul during this year’s MWC – and I must admit that the phone was able to withstand an intensive several hours of work. With a slightly more economical usage – it will work for two days without any problems.

Interface, equipment

Allview X4 Soul is equipped with a nice user’s interface. There are a few odd features, but a slight training will be enough to get acquainted with this phone and to appreciate the add-on for Android.

The biggest difference is separating the notifications menu from shortcuts. The first one will slide out in a traditional way, from the top of the screen, while shortcuts can be opened with an identical gestures – but from the bottom of the display. It is a good thing that these shortcuts can be edited.

The additional, side panel is an interesting feature. We can place there icons for the most often used apps and extend this additional menu with sliding the finger through the fingerprint scanner. This is simple and easy. The interface gives the possibility to control some features using gestures. The manufacturer remembered to add the “Child mode” and the “Private folder”. Besides – we can find all necessary elements, like radio, recorder, video editor or an antivirus software. There is of course the full package from Google as well.

The interface has a tray with the possibility to rearrange icons, we can use themes and an interesting app called “Chameleon”, which allows creating a new theme based on a photo. The functionality of the interface is enhanced by the “Suspend button”, which can be placed anywhere along sides of the display, giving an easy access to doubled system buttons.

Unfortunately, there are some minor flaws – some messages look underdeveloped, there was a malfunction of the SMS app as well. It simply stopped working at some time and I needed to restore the phone to default settings.


As a communication device Allview X4 Soul works without any problems. It will offer a good quality of calls, and the only thing that could be better is the power of the external speaker. Sometimes it is too quiet. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules work correctly, and I have not got any problems with the GPS module.


As I have mentioned before – I have forced X4 Soul to an intensive work – and the phone succeeded in this task. Not everything was perfect, but I must admit that this is a likeable device. The phone has a lot of advantages and its biggest flaw is the is the smoothness of recorded videos. It is worth looking at this model if you do not have a large budget, and if you want an interesting phone at the same time.

Among the competitive B-brand models offered on the market, the Allview flagship model is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting, well-equipped and prettiest ones. The thing is, that with a price of around 350 euro it has a strong competition from more established manufacturers, not mentioning about “exotic” phone from the far east.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • quality of construction
  • housing made out of glass and metal
  • quality of the display
  • fingerprint scanner on the front panel
  • interesting interface with practical additions
  • quality of photos taken in good lighting conditions
  • efficiency of the battery


  • the housing scratches easily
  • lags in video recording
  • hybrid slot for cards
  • small errors in the interface

This is the first review in the new formula. Our new format can be simply described as “less reading – more watching”. In other words – more videos :) We hope that this new form of our reviews will appeal to your taste – because thanks to this it will be possible to post reviews more often than before…

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