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Lenovo Vibe K5

This is a good model, but it is not fantastic…

Lenovo K5 (A6020a40)

Lenovo K5 (A6020a40)

If we will omit the sound, Lenovo K5 is an average device. We cannot complain about it too much, but it does not have arguments powerful enough to convince a future buyer.


Advantages and disadvantages


  • nice display
  • quality of construction
  • choosing an interface (with or without apps menu)
  • notifications LED
  • two speakers (Dolby ATMOS) and the quality of sound
  • battery can be replaced
  • LTE and USB OTG support
  • dual SIM and microSD support – in the non-hybrid solution
  • accessories in the set


  • buttons at the front are not backlighted
  • large dimensions and the weight of the phone
  • the glass is not resistant to scratches
  • errors and an overall aesthetics of the add-on
  • poor cameras
  • speakers’ location
  • average lifespan
  • old Android version
  • it is not too fast and the efficiency is lower than what could be expected from this specification
  • no gesture support, for example we cannot wake the phone with a double tap
  • too expensive

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Mateusz Poniecki
Adam Łukowski
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