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Nokia 8

A long awaited Nokia flagship

Nokia 8 - the newest HMD flagship

Nokia 8 - the newest HMD flagship

We have all been waiting for this model – Nokia is back and it wants to fight with the best. Nokia 8 is a flagship of the resurrected Finnish brand, which can pick many buyers from the competition.

At the beginning of this year Nokia has returned to the market of mobile phones. After the adventure with Microsoft the rights to the brand went to the Finnish HMD Global company. The company has released a few phones (including the new version of the famous 3310 model) and smartphones (models 3, 5 and 6). But we had to wait a few months for the first flagship – and in the middle of August the Nokia 8 has been released – the first Nokia flagship in the HMD offer.


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Mateusz Poniecki
Adam Łukowski
  • The price is the only flaw… - Motorola SLVR L7

    Motorola SLVR L7

    It is being said that the era of tablets is coming to an end, but apparently Samsung has a different opinion – and it proposes a novelty from the highest shelf: Galaxy Tab S3. This is an expensive tablet, but it is impressive in many ways.

    Smartphone with many names - Sagem my301X

    Sagem my301X

    This is an interesting representative of Huawei’s Lite models – this is a well-equipped, good-looking and well-working everyday device. It has a chance of becoming an attractive proposition for buyers, especially in mobile operator’s subscription offers.

  • Honor enters the highest league - LG KG800

    LG KG800

    A beautiful smartphone with impressive insides. Honor has officially entered the competition in the highest, the most prestigious shelf. How will we rate it in this respectable group of the best of the best?

    Beautiful guy with fancy stuff - LG KG240

    LG KG240

    Lately I have received Honor 9. This is a smartphone from the upper-middle class – this is not a flagship yet, but it has a lot of features of the premium class. Is it worth buying it?

  • Mainly the display! - Nokia N80

    Nokia N80

    LG Q6 is the representative of the newest LG smartphone family. It is falsely considered as a cheaper, weaker cousin of the LG G6 flagship – and LG Q6 is simply a medium shelf phone.

    A flagship killer – but is it really? - Nokia E70

    Nokia E70

    OnePlus is one of those manufacturers that I simply could not get along with so far. After the OnePlus 5 model presentation I have finally decided to check what is it all about with this “flagship killer”.

  • The prettiest of flagships? - Motorola PEBL U6

    Motorola PEBL U6

    HTC U11 is supposed to open a new chapter in the company’s history. HTC celebrates its 20th anniversary, so we can consider this model as a jubilee one. Is it worthy of this name? Most definitely. Will it be successful? I am not so sure…

    Magnificent, but expensive - Sony Ericsson M600i

    Sony Ericsson M600i

    Samsung Galaxy Note8 is without a doubt one of the most interesting models presented this year. Unfortunately, Note8 is expensive as well…

  • Magnificent, but expensive - Samsung SGH-Z400

    Samsung SGH-Z400

    Samsung Galaxy Note8 is without a doubt one of the most interesting models presented this year. Unfortunately, Note8 is expensive as well…

    A French guy that will not give up easily - HTC TyTN

    HTC TyTN

    A powerful device for difficult work conditions. It will not offer a speed and an efficiency of a flagship, but in everyday solutions it will work without any problems. Mainly it will not fail you when it comes to the durability.

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