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The new SIM standard

During the ETSI meeting held in the last two days in Osaka, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute has managed to reach consensus on a new SIM cards standard. There was adopted an approach similar to that promoted by Apple.

New SIMNew SIM card
photo: Engadget
In relation to the previously used microSIM standard, only the thickness of the card will remain unchanged, amounting to 0.67 mm. Other dimensions of the card will be reduced by about 40%. The new card measures 12.3 x 8, 8 mm. It is worth noting that the new standard will be backward compatible with the existing one, so that the new card will be able to work with adapters and normally function in older devices. Card functionality will not change. For those interested - the link to the ETSI news release.

Source Engadget; viewed: 6369 times.

Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

  • Phone of the Atomic Age!

    Phone of the Atomic Age!

    Today, another curiosity from Japan, a living proof of how to transform a national tragedy, which was clearly a failure of power plants in Fukushima, into the marketing gibberish. The product is interesting, but the circumstances of the release are at least ambiguous.

    Motosmart with a dual-SIM

    Motosmart with a dual-SIM

    Smartphones with dual SIM cards shyly, but inexorably appear on the market. Motorola's mobile division, which was recently owned by Google, has just announced model Motosmart Dual-SIM. Affordable - and with Android.

  • Durable smartphone from Sony

    Durable smartphone from Sony

    Sony introduces a new Xperia smartphone designed for customers who value performance and design, but they also depend on increased durability and water resistance. Xperia meets the applicable standards for protection against dust and immersion in water.

    Will the rumours about the iPhone 5 be confirmed ?

    Will the rumours about the iPhone 5 be confirmed ?

    There appeared more photos, which seem to confirm most of the previous rumours about the new iPhone. Much indicates that all the revolutionary changes which we have read so far, will appear in the new model.

  • Motorola MOTOKEY 3-CHIP for 3 SIM cards

    Motorola MOTOKEY 3-CHIP for 3 SIM cards

    Motorola announced the launch of the model MOTOKEY 3-CHIP. This is the first such device in the manufacturer's offer. The phone has a QWERTY keyboard, a camera, a radio and an MP3 player. Sales start in June.

    PlayStation Certificate for HTC

    PlayStation Certificate for HTC

    So far, the only smartphones with PlayStation certificate were Sony devices. The fans of Japanese company present at the E3 instead of the next console heard the announcement that HTC will receive the same certificate.

  • Nokia presents: Asha Touch

    Nokia presents: Asha Touch

    Three new phones appeared in the Asha Touch family: Nokia Asha 311, Nokia Asha 305 and Nokia Asha 306. The devices will enrich series of Asha presented in October last year, becoming the alternative to expensive smartphones.

    MarketPlace is growing rapidly

    MarketPlace is growing rapidly

    Testing recently a Nokia's windows-smartphone, I wondered how many applications MarketPlace really offers. This morning, by a total accident, I found very specific data.

  • It will protect and recharge!

    It will protect and recharge!

    Mophie company prepared a solution for all users of previous generations of iPhone who complain about battery life and a small and delicate case of the smartphone.

    Speed up the next Xperia

    Speed up the next Xperia

    I'm not a fan of facebook "clickology". I think it's fooling you and teaches the Internet user that if you can not achieve something with a click - it's not worth getting started on it. Sony wants you to speed the next Xperia along.

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