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HTC U11 - the flagship for the 20th anniversary of the company


HTC celebrates its 20th anniversary. Anniversary celebrated the presentation of the new flagship HTC U11, which was officially shown in Taipei, Taiwan. HTC U11 is to start a new chapter in the company's history.

HTC breaks with metal cases, with the One series, and discards camera experiments. In return - it gives other surprises. HTC is changing the style and abandons metal for a brand new, distinctive design line. HTC U11 reveres to the style of the HTC U Play and HTC U Ultra models presented at the beginning of the year. The housing is based on a metal frame, but behind - unlike the previous flagship HTC - is no longer metal but glass. This is not a normal glass. This one used in U11 is strongly convex, multilayer and is formed in a fairly complex technological process. The effect - interesting, although we will only appreciate it live. Believe me, in reality the phone looks much more effective than on the render or photos - it sparkles, changing the colour depending on the angle of the light. There are five colour versions to choose from, including the most effective ones - in my opinion - red, pearly white and navy blue.

The look of the phone is - according to the manufacturer - inspired by the water element - and indeed, with a little imagination, we can see that the glass panels forming the front and back of the enclosure seem like the water forming the convex meniscus, emerge from the metal frame and the sides of the housing. Naturally, the style of the enclosure will be judged by everyone's taste. I like the rear part of the phone, the interesting USB-C port and a bold colour range, and I would criticize the protruding lens of the rear camera and the large margins under and above the display. Fortunately, the bottom part of the frame is allocated to the system keys - so it is not completely "wasted".

The screen itself is quite nice: it has a resolution of WQHD,5.5-inches and it delivers really good image quality - even in bright ambient light. The manufacturer emphasizes the fast time response of the matrix, which is especially important for high definition games and video. Glass does not get too dirty and does not generate reflections.

The heart of HTC U11 is the Snapdragon 835 processor, powered by 4 GB of RAM. Internal memory holds 64 GB and can be expanded with a microSD card up to 2 TB. The phone on all markets - at least for now - will be offered only in this one variant. We will only choose between a single- and dualSIM version.

HHTC U 11 is powered by a 3000 mAh (fast loading QC 3.0) battery and uses Android 7.1, enriched with the HTC Sense interface and the "self-learning" Sense Companion assistant. This assistant analyzes the way in which the user uses the phone, analyzes the surrounding circumstances, and then provides tips, shortcuts, or the most essential applications. Moreover, it can work with many voice assistants. Some of the tasks we can, for example, entrust Google and others - Alexie from Amazon. Naturally, provided the selected assistant supports our language.

But that's not all. HTC U11 distinguishes the unique, side-by-side Edge Sense touch panels. This is an ingenious and functional solution - based on the natural reflex of the phone housing. Edge Sense uses pressure-sensitive, side-by-side touch panels that allow you to control your phone's functions and interact with your applications, changing its activity flexibly depending on your needs.

There are used here ultrasonic sensors to ensure that the function works even through a glove or a case that is adjacent to the housing. The interface can be configured by selecting the sensitivity and various options for a short and long compression of the housing. In addition, it will be possible to assign the same compression sequences to selected options in external applications - such as Google Maps. The way they work will vary depending on the context - compression will work differently in the main menu, and otherwise within the application.

HTC U11 has the HTC U Sonic stereo speakers. HTC flagships are famous for good sound - and this time it is no different. The company can still promote loudspeakers as an undisputable asset of its flagship, though, also through headphones, the smartphone offers a really good sound. The set includes a headset that sends ultrasounds adjusts the sound of our ears and communicates with the smartphone via USB-C. There is no minijack, but the set includes a suitable adapter with a built-in, separate digital-to-analog converter.

In the field of photography, they decided on simple, proven solutions. Now dual lenses are used by almost everyone, and HTC comes back to the roots, concentrating simply on good quality images. The manufacturer ensures that photo enthusiasts will not be dissapointed. In U11 we have two cameras with single lenses. The front has 16 megapixels, UltraPixel technology for better illumination and f/2.0 lens, the rear - 12 megapixels, high speed autofocus and HDR, and f/1.7 lens with optical image stabilization.

Naturally, HTC U11 will feature a full range of connectivity interfaces - LTE cat.16, Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS/Glonass and NFC. The device complements the fingerprint scanner, incorporated into the mechanical "home" button located below the display of the phone.

HTC U11 will be available in pre-sales almost a few hours after the launch, and its DualSIM price will be 775 euro. HTC U11 will be available after June 1 in stores. Naturally, the HTC flagship will also go to operator deals, but in a single-card variant. The first customers who purchase HTC U11 in pre-sale will receive an attractive package of Under Armor Healthbox, worth several hundred dollars. The number of promotional sets is limited, so it's a good idea to hurry.

Availability of variants and colour variations may vary, depending on the market.

A short video from the launch HTC U11
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