BLU Advance A5
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Bought this cellphone for $59.99 CAD, plus tax, from Amazon Canada back in December 2017. I needed something to call with while I went job hunting. This phone quickly became my personal assistant with many things, despite how slow it is. There's a lot of stuff this phone works with and some it just sucks at.

This phone only supports 3G/3G+, and can be fussy with networks. Fortunately, when I got my Fido SIM, it worked flawlessly. I now use this phone for calling, picture taking (It's not good at photos), and tethering. I use two different types of tethering, that being a legacy wifi hotspot through FoxFi (Which works flawlessly, with this phone), and USB tethering with PdaNet+. The speeds aren't great, which are limited by both the USB port on the phone, and it's lack of 4G/LTE support. My maximum transfer rate was 1.3MB/s.

Another thing this phone struggles with, is using any kind of headphones. It has insanely high output impedance, and it only has a ten-step volume meter. The only thing I use earphones with, is if I want an improved microphone for phone calls, and make it easier to hear others. Every pair of earphones I've used in it sounds terrible, making this impossible to use for music. I use my AGPTEK M20 instead for music, since it's my dedicated audio player, and powers a pleathora of earphones and headphones great.

Battery life is also poor on this phone, I only managed to get a few hours of calling on Discord with it, before dipping below 20% from a full charge. I get 8 hours of calling just by using the regular phone feature instead. I don't really expect much from a phone like this. I got it just to be able to do stuff, but I feel that I will be upgrading soon, and leaving this phone behind.

I give this phone a 2/5, as it's just, bad. If you want a budget phone, I'd recommend even getting a used LG or Xiaomi phone instead of this, since they perform better and have significantly better battery life. I wasn't expecting much at all, and I was just wanting to use this phone as a backup of sorts. I personally may upgrade to a Redmi Note 5, or even a Samsung S7. I'm not buying another phone like this.
.162.241.230 | 18 Nov 2018, 03:11
There are 1 opinions. Showing from 1 to 1.