Huawei Nova 3 Dual SIM


Nothing to complain about

Packaging and accessories

The packaging of the Nova 3 model does not stand out with anything in particular – the white box has modest information about the product that can be found inside of it, and the set itself covers, besides the phone, a charger (5V/2A or 9V/2A), a USB to USB-C cable, nice earphones and a silicone cover. There is a needle for opening the SIM and microSD cards tray as well. I think that there should be some paper documents or a shortened manual – but, apparently, it got lost somewhere among other offices…

Housing and display

When it comes to visuals, Huawei Nova 3 looks similar to Honor 10 and Huawei P20. There is nothing wrong about it – the phone benefits from solutions used in models liked by users around the world. And it is more and more difficult to create a smartphone that could be characteristic enough to distinguish itself from the crowd. The front is boring – basically the same as in most smartphones with a notch. The biggest attention is drawn by the back panel – dual coloured, shiny, it attracts attention of everyone in its vicinity. Here Huawei used an attractive combination of blue and purple – these gradients are gorgeous in the Nova 3 model.

The smartphone uses a 6.3-inch IPS display with the Full HD+ resolution (2340x1080 pixels, which gives a density on the level of 409 ppi) and 19:9 ratio. There is of course the controversial detail – notch. It is a rather wide one, and will not be enjoyed by some users, but at least we can cover it (and it does not eliminate notifications icons like in Xiaomi models). There are two cameras for selfies in the notch: 24 MP and 2 MP, a speaker for calls, in which there is a notifications LED (under the grill, hardly noticeable), sensors and infrared, responsible for the facial recognition feature. The latter works ably in a good lighting, at evenings it has some problems – then it is best to use other security methods.

But let us get back to the display’s parameters – I have no concerns neither towards the brightness nor the colours or view ability angles. Working with the large display with curved edges is a pure pleasure, I had no problems neither with the touch panel nor with using the device while wearing glasses with polarizing filters. It is worth adding that the display has a protective foil attached to it from the start.

The back panel, shinning, smooth and colourful, has elements typical for any smartphone. In the upper left corner we have the vertically placed dual camera, which is on a module that slightly stands above the housing. Below it we can find the LED flash and markings about the camera. Closer to the middle there is a fingerprint scanner – it is fast and precise, like in almost all Huaweis, but it is slightly too convex with the rest of the housing. On the disadvantages side we can write the fact that the glass panel gets dirty easily and that phones with such a finish are slippery. But there is an easy solution – a cover form the set. It decreases the attractiveness of the gradient housing, but it prevents the phone from sliding, it solves the problem with the camera and it adds the level difference when it comes to the scanner.

The frame of the device is a metal one, comfortably curved, sometimes intersected with antennas’ bars. On the left edge there is a tray for SIM cards – in the nano size and for microSD cards (hybrid solution). On the right there are volume control and power/lock buttons. They are metal, easily noticeable and they stand above the housing appropriately. On the lower edge there is a USB type C socket, external speaker and the microphone’s hole.

The whole looks great, all elements are where they should be – in the reach of our fingers. The smartphone is well-thought when it comes to the housing, created and finished with the highest attention to details, and what is more it lies in hands perfectly, is comfortable in usage and most of all eye-pleasing. It is a pity that in this price class there is no hardened glass, like Gorilla Glass or waterproofness.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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