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I was not disappointed, but…

Photography and video

When it comes to photography and video recording capabilities, Moto G7 comes out as it befits a middle-class phone – which is average. At the front we have 8 megapixels, while at the back – 12, with a nice f/1.8 aperture. The work of the main matrix is supported by a secondary, 5-megapixel one – but its only used for the background blurring.

The photos’ quality is average – it is difficult to criticize them, but on the other hand there are not too much features that would distinguish them or that I can write about. It is simply decent. Daytime photos offer a decent details representation and natural colours.

Along with the decrease of light the precision of details’ representation drops down as well, noises level go up, but they do not exceed unwanted levels. Photos still remain pleasant to look at.

And they could have been even better if the camera had not had tendencies to overexpose brighter parts of the shot – for example, when in the shot there is a lamp or another bright part it will be accented. And so – it could have been better, and the camera acts like in most models from the competition – that is it works well during the day, but slightly worse at night.

As a consolation the camera nicely connects panoramas and decently blurs the background, and there is the manual mode, which in weak lighting allows achieving much better effects than the auto mode.

Background blurring has additional capabilities – we can underline only one colour in the shot, and the rest becomes monochromatic, or we can cut out the object in the foreground and move it on to another background. Here we need to practice a bit and take care of the shot – but effects can be really interesting. The work of these functions largely depends on the person who is taking shots and his or hers patience.

I will complain about the front camera more. Here, the quality of photos after dark is not the only problem. There is the tendency for overexposing the background as well. There are no chances for a selfie with the blue sky on a sunny day.

Yes, we will be visible – but on an almost completely white, overexposed background… Photos on a much darker background look much better – but I think that cameras should be more universal…?

When it comes to the video recording it is similar as with photos. The brighter the better. We can record even in 4K, there is slow motion (HD, 120 frames per second) – and basically it is difficult to complain about anything. The image is smooth and clear, the sound just as much – though microphone like to recording wind noises. If it lacks something – it would be a decent stabilization. Here is a compilation of sample videos:

Moto G7 - sample video
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

The camera interface is rather simple, clean and readable, though I think that the icon of switching between manual and auto modes is unnecessarily separated. An icon in the modes menu would be enough…

I would have sacrificed the Google Lens icon (though it is good that it is integrated into the camera!) to have a quick access to video recording, straight from the main desktop. But the rest of the interface is impeccable.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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