Motorola Moto G8 Power
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AFAIK, the actual specs is incorrect. One simple example is the US variant, the xt-2041-4 (note "-4"), does not use the number(8). It is simply "moto g power". I THINK the charger is 10 (not 15) watt, and finally, it has (600mhz) band 71. I came here to learn differences between models xt2041-1, -2, etc; but I'll keep looking. Thanks anyway, and hth.
You're right. I try to correct mistakes constantly. I learned one thing in this job: information always changes over time. I use publicly available sources. Manufacturer's employees usually know little or nothing about reliable technical specifications.
Thanks to your comment I learned that XT2041-4; XT2041-6; XT2041-7; XT2041-DL = Moto G Power, XT2041-1; XT2041-3 = Moto G8 Power. - Thank you.

In the past, Motorola published documents at FCC that reported differences between smartphone versions. There was a developer forum in the past. The specifications were then very accurate and detailed for all variants. I use many sources today, and there are still errors in the specifications. It has been since the time when Lenowo took over the brand.

I can only apologize for the mistakes and thank you again for the comment. (jf)
.1e100.net | 21 May 2020, 01:05
I have it since 3 weeks. Excellent phone. I won't buy anymore an iPhone (which I used for over 10 years) after having my latest iPhone 11 display scratched in a month. This is a great Phone and costs a fraction of the iPhone. I always choose iPhone for better security, but this phone comes with Android 10 which has comparable security with Apple iOS. Therefore I am super happy to have bought this new one with selling iPhone 11 at almost half price after few months (I sold it for 600 EUR and bought this Motorola for 185 Eur). Super Happy!!!
.68.214.65 | 15 Mar 2020, 00:03

Fantastic phone, very happy with my choice
.101.98.238 | 12 Mar 2020, 16:03
There are 3 opinions. Showing from 1 to 3.