Nokia 7.1 Dual SIM


It temps with its looks, display and Android One


The external speaker can be found on the lower edge. It offers a relatively loud and a clear sound – of course when we will take into consideration the fact that it is a single one and it has a small size – though it lacks a more powerful bass. It works in the loud speaking mode, though while gaming – and holding it horizontally – it is easy to cover the speaker and muffle the sound. For playing music we have an app from Google, but there are no more advanced sound equalizers (besides the one built-in into the Play Music app) or an FM radio. Traditionalists will be pleased with the presence of the minijack, but the Bluetooth module works perfectly for transferring music as well – I tested it with wireless Motorola Pulse Escape earphones.

Photos and video

Besides the display and a pure system another feature of the Nokia 7.1 model advertised strongly is its camera. It has optical elements from the ZEISS company, and the main module has a 12-megapixel matrix (f/1.8) with autofocus based on the phase detection and a secondary, 5-megapixel matrix (f.2.4), which is used to measure the depth of field.

It is worth to mention about numerous functions available in the camera app. Among them we can find the Pro mode (with a manual white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter opening configuration), background blurring in the portrait mode, built-in Google Lens service and an enhanced dual-sight mode (the so-called bothie, which is a simultaneous recording using both cameras). HDR is in the auto mode, there is OZO Audio as well – a Nokia technology for recording sound. Of course we can get used to the looks of the app and it is basically intuitive, but at the beginning the overabundance of icons makes it look unreadable. Sometimes the shutter works too slow, that is why the photographed object moves in the shot before it gets captured – which makes it come out of focus.

However, users should not be disappointed with the photos quality. The smartphone works great if it has enough lighting. It properly blurs the background and has a good HDR. The autofocus works fast and precise, photos are properly focused and have a high number of details, though of course they look better in a smaller display of a phone than on a PC. This is thanks to the display, which enhances the image to some degree and increases their dynamics. On a monitor, with a zoomed-in image, they lose some details. Still, as a middle-price shelf, Nokia 7.1 does not need to have any inferiority complex. For sharing in social medias or taking photos during holidays it will be more than enough. Those who need something more can buy a smartphone from a higher shelf.

The smartphone works a bit worse in night time photos and with a weak lighting – but this is a no surprise in this price shelf. On a smartphone they look nice, but we just need to zoom in a bit to show a complete lack of details – this is an effect of noise-reducing algorithms, which contribute to such effect.

And here are sample photos:

There is an 8-megapixel selfie camera with a wide lens (84 degrees) and an f/2.0 brightness, to lighten up the shot we can use the display. The photos quality is pretty good, provided that we will focus properly.

Nokia 7.1 can record in 4K, though it lacks an optical image stabilization – it is best not to record over 1080p. Then the video quality is decent and the electronic image stabilization helps maintaining an appropriate smoothness. Here are video recording results:

Nokia 7.1 - sample videos
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

Source: GSMchoice.com


By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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