Nokia 8.1


If it had a lower price it would have been a hit


The single speaker placed at the lower edge is responsible for playing sounds, and it is incredibly easy to cover it by holding the phone in a horizontal position. It offers a rather good sound when it comes to the quality and loudness, though in its price segment it does not distinguish itself with anything in particular. It will be enough for watching movies and series, for gaming and occasional listening to music. And we can always use our favourite earphones thanks to the presence of the 3.5mm minijack. The presence of an FM radio is an advantage as well – for playing music we use the Play Music app.

It is worth adding a few words about Nokia Ozo sound recording system. It uses two microphones in the smartphone and it ensures not only great results of recording, but it efficiently deals with reducing noises from the surrounding, like while making calls.

Photos and video

Nokia 8.1 has a dual camera. The basic camera has Sony MX363 sensor and a 12-megapixel f/1.8 lens and an optical zoom and the electronic image stabilization. It is supported by a 13-megapixel secondary camera responsible for measuring depth. The optics of two lenses at the back of the housing is signed by the Zeiss company. The disadvantage is the fact that the camera stand above the housing a bit.

The work of the duet mentioned above translates into a decent quality of photos in the daylight and with good lighting – we can only see some flaws like smudged edges when we will zoom in some parts of the photo, while viewing them on a large monitor. Effects of its work can be seen below. There are some disadvantages as well. The camera works poorly when photographing moving objects, like animals – they are often blurred. In weak lighting photos are even less convincing, they are blurred with visible noises. And with the quality of night time photos we can clearly see how far away the phone is from the highest shelf’s smartphones. To sum up – the camera takes good photos in its price range, but it lacks something extra, that would distinguish it from its competition, like a night time mode, wide-angle camera or a mode that would enable taking macro shots.

Here are photography results:

It is worth mentioning about the camera app, which basically offers everything that is needed – there is HDR in the auto mode (though in order to reach it, we must tap our way through settings), there are a few work modes – but there is no sense in looking for a night time mode, we can change the photos and videos resolution for the main and the front camera, there is a scene recognition function as well. The camera works with Google Lens in order to recognize objects.

The front camera has a high resolution (20 megapixels) and it offers photos that are good, but not impressive – sometimes their level of details can be debatable, and often we can see artificial focusing. There is a beautifying mode as well.

When it comes to video recording Nokia does its job. We can record in 720p, FullHD and UHD 4K. Let us add that there is bothie, that is a tool in which we can record both from the front and the main camera at the same time. The video can be streamed to YouTube and Facebook straight from the camera app. And here you can see video recordings:

Nokia 8.1 - sample videos (1080p)
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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