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Nubia Red Magic 5S is offered in an aesthetical box, with a set that consists of a cable, a charger, a cover and necessary “papers”, and a needle for opening the tray for cards. The added cover is simple, but practical. It has thicker corners, which are supposed to save the smartphone in case of a fall.

It is important, because the phone has the back covered with a slick glass and it likes to slide down from flat surfaces. The previous Red Magic model that I had the pleasure of reviewing, ended up poorly because of this feature - this one, until this moment, withstood it nicely, thanks to this simple piece of silicone added to the set.

The charger and the USB cable look “battle-ready” – they are black and red. Unfortunately, here we have the first issue – though the phone itself supports charging with the 55 W power, in the European version we receive an 18 W one. If we want a stronger one, we need to buy it on our own, and what is worse, Nubia does not plan to change this “policy”. Pity.

To say that Nubia Red Magic 5S looks unusually is to say nothing. Just look at photos. The dual-coloured housing might be appealing or not, but it definitely distinguishes the smartphone among its competition. There is not anything like this, unless we think about some previous Red Magic models.

If the red and blue colour version is too bold for you, I have both good and bad news for you. The phone can be bought in a silver colour as well, but with a more modest set of the memory – “only” 8GB+128GB. The Pulse version reviewed by me has a 12+256GB. So – more demanding gamers are doomed to more eye-catching colours.

The stylization of Red Magic 5S might be controversial, but I really enjoy it. Maybe because I am slightly bothered by classic colours of other models that I review. This one is a nice change, and it will definitely distinguish yourself among your friends.

Besides these two colours, the back is ornamented by a “gaming” pattern, which can be “duplicated” on the other side of the phone, by choosing an appropriate wallpaper on the screen. Across the centre of the back wall there is a black bar, in which we can find three lenses of the camera, with a red backlight and a plate made out of… silver. It replaced the backlighted inscription, which we remember from the previous model. So – if you do not like these bells and whistles – this is a pro of the 5S model.

The front is a nod towards those who like classic solutions and those who hate displays with notches or holes. Here we have an “old school” bezel, thicker along the upper and the lower edge of the display. This is an advantage for gamers, because while holding the phone horizontally, we do not cover even the smallest portion of the display.

The core of the phone consists of a solid, metal frame, and the upper and the lower wall are slightly curved. At the top we can find a microphone and a minijack (bravo!), while at the bottom there is a speaker, a microphone, a USB-C socket and a tray for two nanoSIM cards. Unfortunately, there is no space for a memory drive. Sides of the housing are slightly indented, flattened. On the right side we have two touch sensors that can be used in games, as well as volume control and a power button.

In my opinion, they are placed slightly too low – but you will find out in a moment why it is this way. First of all, we need to look at the opposite side, on which we see a row of mysterious connectors. We can attach a docking station in the form of a stand, which has a minijack, a USB-C socket and a… LAN port. However, we need to buy it separately. On the left side of the upper wall we can see another hole of a microphone and a slider, which runs the games menu.

More about it – later. There are cooling holes on sides of the housing as well. On one of these sides there is an intake, while on the other there is an outtake, and between them, inside of the housing, there is a fan that can achieve 15 000 rpm. Now you know why these buttons cannot be higher…

I asses the ergonomics of the device positively, though I must draw your attention to the fact that the phone is rather big and not that light. The quality of assembly is perfect, the housing is stiff and it does not have any cavities. It is a pity that the device is not waterproof – but how could it be, with such cooling holes…?

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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