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Nubia Red Magic 5S offers a typical set of security. We can use the facial recognition system, based on the front camera, or the rather nice, display fingerprint scanner. It is rather fast and basically errorless, achieving an average of 8 out 10 successful tries. The scanner is placed in a comfortable location, and in addition – it is an active one, which means that we do not need to wake up the display in order to use it (though we can – with a double tap). The field, on which we need to place our finger, backlights as soon as we lift the phone. A small thing, but so comfortable!


Nubia Red Magic 5S uses a preinstalled Redmagic 3.0 interface based on Android 10. The interface reminds the pure Android with its looks, it is not too weird or overcomplicated. It is not overburdened with useless apps as well.

At the beginning we receive only what we need. In the interface we can find typical options, like the possibility of switching between a tray or a flat mode, we can change the grid of icons, there is a dark mode as well. Because of the AMOLED screen, there is an Always-On-Display, but the manufacturer did not forget about the notifications LED, it is placed on the frame above the display.

We can navigate through the interface using classic buttons at the bottom of the display, or with gestures. The shortcuts and notifications panel look typical, they are readable. Shortcuts can of course be edited. In the settings menu we can find separate tabs for managing the fan and the docking station, there is a whole section called Neo AI, which only function is too… describe how does the AI optimizing the system works. There are enhanced functions connected with taking screenshots or recording the screen, sharing it between two apps or decreasing the interface to be used with one hand.

We can minimize apps to a floating window (from the shortcuts panel), unfortunately, this options only works with apps from Nubia. Basically, the interface is simple, friendly and it can be likeable.

Functions for gamers

As I have already mentioned, Nubia Red Magic 5S has additional buttons for gamers, as well as a special Game Space menu, activated by a switch on the side of the housing. Besides the list of games, we have a special set of settings.

In the tray, which can be extended from the right side of the desktop, we can find shortcuts, thanks to which we can switch the fan, change the refreshment and 4D vibrations, or we can take a screenshot. We can block calls or notifications. We can configure two additional triggers on the housing as well, there is a CPU management and we can control the fan. In the personal submenu in the corner of the display there are options connected with network settings, we can see our gaming statistics as well.

CrosshairAssist is an interesting addition. This is a specific “helper” in games, which, to put it shortly – it corrects mistakes while shooting. It might not be entirely fair against other gamers in online games – but it works. The Game Space menu is a functional complement to the smartphone’s interface. You might get the feeling that some functions in this menu are doubled – especially the ones connected with the cooling system.

However, I think that it was intentional, so that a gamer would not be disturbed, by providing the most important functions without looking for them in the menu. Among these option there is a function called Touch Choreographer, which adjust the refreshment rate while gaming dynamically – the ensure the smoothest image. It can, for example, decrease the refreshment, if a given game does not support a fast one, or use the frame interpolation in the case when the games is “slightly close” to the expected level – for example, it renders 85 instead of 90, or 139 instead of 144 frames per second.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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