OnePlus Nord N10 5G


OnePlus has made a cheaper sequel to the Nord model


In terms of sound, OnePlus Nord N10 5G does not disappoint. It offers not only dual speakers - the primary speaker on the bottom edge works with the call speaker - but also a universal headphone jack. The speakers sound really good until the volume is turned up too high - then you can hear distortions and the lack of bass. Nevertheless, they are great for watching movies and series - I preferred to connect headphones to listening to music. It is worth noting that the sound quality can be better adjusted to your preferences with the Dirac Audio Tuner function (Dynamic, Movie, Music).

Photos and video

Nord N10 5G has a set of cameras typical of its price range. The most important thing is the main camera (64 MP, f/1.8, EIS, PDAF), supported by a camera with a wide-angle lens (8 MP. F/2.3, 119 degrees). The macro camera (2 MP, f/2.4) is a meager addition, and the last camera is supposed to provide better black and white photos. There is no telephoto lens here - the 2-fold and higher zoom will be performed digitally, by cutting out a specific area from the frame taken.

The main unit uses pixel binding, which is a method of "combining" the pixels of the matrix, which is to provide brighter photos. They have 16 megapixels, but you can choose a camera mode that uses full resolution. Photos taken with the main and ultra wide-angle cameras are decent. I did not expect much, so the overall Nord N10 did not disappoint me. Pictures are detailed, bright, balanced and free of noise. You can see the interference of the image processing software after sharpening, but this is done within reason - the photos do not look artificial. Colours tend to be washed out, i.e. slightly less saturated and cooler than I would like - this usually happened when shooting in cloudy weather and under artificial light. If you were to fumble a little with the pro mode, you could probably improve the photos, but I prefer (and probably a lot of users as well) that the camera provides optimal photos in automatic mode.

There is some distortion at the edges in a wide-angle camera, but this is normal with such a wide lens. In addition, they are darker and less detailed than the photos from the main camera, they also have a different colour scheme - but they are still photos that will receive a positive rating. Photos from the macro camera can be omitted in silence, 2-megapixel photos will not impress anyone, and better results are obtained by using the 2x zoom than the macro camera. Like a black and white camera buried quite deep among colour filters.

To sum up - OnePlus usually offers good cameras, worth what the smartphone costs. But they do not provide enough impressive photos to be able to threaten the top competition in the mobile photography segment. And this is also the case with Nord N10 5G.

The camera application is fast, intuitive and does not hide important functions - everything is at hand. On the main screen there is a resolution switch (16 or 64 MP) and a macro mode, you can quickly go to the settings, change the zoom (0.6x, 1x or 2x, up to 10x) or the mode (e.g. panorama, portrait or pro ). Individual modes can be scrolled from the list or simply swipe up anywhere on the screen - a list of available modes will appear.

Nord N10 5G records in the maximum quality of 4K 30 fps, while in Full HD you can choose 30 or 60 fps. I have no comments about the fluidity and colours in the recordings, at best the recordings look weaker in low light.

The selfies camera has 16 megapixels and a lens with f/2.05 brightness. It provides photos with good sharpness and natural colours, the bokeh effect is quite efficient - blur usually cuts the photographed person correctly from the background, although it sometimes gets confused with the hair.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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