Oppo Reno 10x Zoom


Beautiful whale with zoom

Construction, set, quality of assembly

For the start, as usual, let us take a look at the set. And it is a rather rich one and packed in an interesting, prolonged box. Besides the phone we can find a quick, 20-watt charger, USB cable, needle for opening the cards’ slot and decent earphones. The manufacturer added an equally decent cover, which has a nice in touch, satin texture.

When it comes to visuals, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is not that different from its cheaper kin. It has an aesthetical housing with an interesting, matte glass at the back. In its central part there is a shiny strap, in which there are placed lenses of cameras.

And here we find the most important difference between Reno 10x Zoom has an additional, rectangular window, through which we can see the lens, which allows us to achieve a lossless zoom. The window is rectangular, because the lens is placed perpendicularly to the rest, and what we see – is the prism, thanks to which the module with moving lenses can rest horizontally.

I love the fact that lenses of cameras (just like in Reno) do not stand above the housing – and for additional protection there is a small dome from a hard ceramics, thanks to which the phone lies on it and protects lenses from scratches. It looks nice, but due to this element the phone wobbles a bit when lying on a flat surface… But definitely less than some models with cameras standing out.

On the upper wall of the housing we can see the well-known, characteristic frame of the selfies’ camera. The moving element looks like a shark’s fin – after it unfolds it has a triangle shape, that stands above the housing asymmetrically. It looks interesting and thanks to this it has a bezel-less display, without any notches or holes. The mechanism works quietly and fast, the manufacturer states that it will be durable for at least 200k cycles – but I am still worried that I will damage it by foreign bodies, like grains of sand that can go inside the cavity.

It is true – I am using the second Reno with the “fin” – and I did not manage to break it, so maybe I am too worried? I will mention that the side effect of using this mechanism is the lack of waterproofness. It is strange that the “fin” hides the LED flash of the main camera as well. It does not disfigure the back of the housing – but we need to pull it out in order to use the flash or the torch.

The power button is on the right edge, while on the left there are volume control buttons. We need to get used to their placement, but they are comfortable. On the lower wall there is the speaker and a USB-C socket. Do not ask me about a minijack – because there is none, but this is not the only problem that can be found at the bottom of the phone. There we can find the tray for cards – unfortunately, it is a hybrid one. I have not mentioned microphones yet – they are both at the top and at the bottom wall.

I have no concerns towards ergonomics. Buttons are exactly where they should be and the phone lies in hands comfortably, no matter if it is or is not in a cover. Of course it gets slightly bigger when placed in a cover, but in a case of a fall – it has better survival chances. The stiffness and the quality of assembly or materials used – are perfect. I will add that the phone is not the lightest, it weighs over 200 g. If you will ask me about the stylization – I love it. Mostly because it distinguishes the phone among dozens of similar models with backs shinning on different ways and water-drop notches.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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