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The interface in Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is Color OS 6, based on Android Pie – it is basically the same as in Reno, which I have reviewed earlier. It is clear, coherent, friendly, though it is a bit different than the standard Android. The desktop is basically a classical one, but we can change the arrangement of system buttons and switch to gestures. The main screen can be flat – or a traditional one, with apps tray. In the tray – the system shows us the most often used apps – and then the rest. On the desktop we can create folders and change effects of transitions between screens, we can change the icons grid as well. By swiping the desktop to the right – we will reach a functional assistant (though not from Google but from the company) that shows us the most important widgets – we can of course select them.

The notification panel works in a specific way, because it slides down (along with main shortcuts) and covers the whole surface of the display – but it is likeable, because we can see more content. I do not like the fact that the button for cleaning the panel out of all notifications is at the beginning, at the top of the screen, and not at the bottom. On the other hand, I like the effective and comfortable panel of switches, which selection is wide – and changing their arrangement – easy.

Oppo does not preinstall bloatware apps, but in the system we can find a few useful apps, like the one for transferring data from the previous phone or for cleaning the system out of useless files. In the interface there is a separate Aquamail email client (I do not recommend it), separate music player or a recorder – there is no FM radio. On the other hand, there is the special car mode and gestures on a locked screen that is the possibility to run selected functions by drawing an appropriate sign on a dimmed display. There are classic gestures as well, like waking the display by lifting the phone or by tapping the display. In addition we can turn on Smart sidebar – an additional, configurable shortcuts panel that slides from the side.

In the interface there is of course the possibility to divide the screen and clone apps, and the other hand there is no dark mode and notifications LED. Basically – I like the interface a lot and I place it at the top of my personal ranking of add-ons. If you are interested in security updates – at the moment of writing this review, they are from 5th July 2019. Not bad, is it?


Oppo Reno 10x Zoom has an absolutely flagship specification – Snapdragon 855, Adreno 640 GPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash. This cannot be bad. And it is not! Oppo Reno 10x Zoom scores incredible results in benchmarks, and in an everyday usage – it pleases us with a smooth and stable work.

We can literally play any title that we want – and in the full settings. In addition, we can use the effective Game Boost, that limits or “disturbances”, at the same time enhancing the hardware – I do not think that there is anyone that could be unsatisfied with Oppo Reno 10x Zoom performance…

The phone does not heat up, I did not notice any changes in its efficiency, and benchmarks results changed in a minor way. There is a lot of memory as well – 256 GB, in practice around 220 GB.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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