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Design, kit, build quality

I start with the price - in the case of this model, this is the key factor determining the purchase. POCO M3 costs 150 or 170 euro, depending on the memory version we choose. This is a good price, considering that in return we can count on a phone with a Snapdragon 662 processor, 48 Mpx camera, 6000 mAh battery, stereo speakers and a Full HD+ screen. The equipment is good - but nothing is for free, we have to feel the savings somewhere. Where will we feel them and what will they be?

One component that has certainly been spared from is the housing. It is made of plastic, which in the case of a cheap phone is hardly a disadvantage. Especially that the POCO M3 housing is painfully practical. The back is covered with a pattern imitating leather - but not by force. It feels like plastic - but the material is nice, warm to the touch. What's more, the surface of the back is scratch-resistant, and even if they do, they won't be noticeable.

In addition, the phone is not slippery, it lies securely in the hand and does not slide on the table. This is important, because for the buyer of a budget model, breaking it is a painful loss. Here - releasing the device from your hand and bruising the back is unlikely to be a threat. The housing has rounded sides, which further increase the chance of the device surviving a fall. The smartphone is not overly heavy or thick, although it has a large battery.

M3 is distinguished by a rectangular shiny plastic insert at the top of the rear panel. It includes a camera and a rather large logo. In the black colour version, this detail "disappears" a bit, but if we choose an eye-catching blue or yellow housing, this element will give the device some character. Ultimately - the rear of M3 even looks nice. On the front of the phone we find a screen with a diagonal of 6.53 inches, surrounded by a relatively narrow frame with a droplet notch for a selfie camera, protected by the proven Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The housing is not waterproof, but at the above prices - I do not require it.

Finally, a tour around the housing. The volume keys and the switch connected to the fingerprint reader are on the right side, while on the left side there is a triple tray for cards. At the top we have a loudspeaker, a minijack, a microphone and an IR transmitter, and at the bottom there is another speaker, a microphone and a USB-C port. Ergonomics for A. The kit that comes with the device makes sense.

It includes a silicone cover, a USB cable and a 22.5 W power supply. There is, of course, a needle to open the card slot, a manual - but there are no headphones. The phone has a minijack so I forgive them. The packaging exudes simplicity and modesty, but you won't miss it on the shelf: it's yellow.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Adam Łukowski

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