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In terms of the equipment with communication interfaces, it is good - but not perfect. In a cheap smartphone, I do not expect 5G, but the lack of NFC rules out this device in my eyes. This lack is, in my opinion, probably the most serious drawback of the phone and spoils its assessment. As a consolation - POCO M3 also has a big advantage in the form of a triple card slot. Thanks to it, we can use two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time. I also have no objections to the quality of voice calls and the operation of communication systems. Everything works fine, although the GPS could read the position a bit faster after starting the navigation application.

As I mentioned, POCO M3 has stereo speakers that sound quite good, but when playing or watching movies, we can easily cover them with our hand. The audio served by the minijack is correct. It is worth appreciating the fact that the smartphone has an FM radio, as well as an infrared transmitter, which, combined with the application pre-installed by the manufacturer, can replace most remote controls for home devices.

Google applications are entrusted with the handling of phone and text calls, so it's hard to criticise or praise anything - the standard. Complained a bit about the operation of the proximity sensor. Sometimes it does not work as it should and does not lock the screen when we hold the phone to our face.

An interesting feature is the loudspeaker cleaning function by means of the emission of sounds with appropriate modulation. You may find it useful ...


POCO M3 works under the control of Android 10 with the proprietary MIUI 12 interface. It is a comfortable and refined overlay, with many advantages, but also with an annoying ailment in the form of advertisements.

Fortunately, we only see them in some preinstalled apps, and they're not too bothersome. The interface has a classic form, with the ability to change themes or icons, as well as dark mode or navigation using gestures. A nice bonus is the floating key as well as the option to show the most used apps at the top of the tray list.

Xiaomi adds some pre-installed apps but without the usual junk. So many of us download Facebook or LinkedIn and - but if we don't want them - we can uninstall them without any problems. A large part of the additional apps offered by the manufacturer will prove to be useful - such as the system maintenance application. The Xiaomi overlay is friendly and it should not cause problems for even less experienced users. It is a pity that the phone does not have a notification LED or AoD.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Adam Łukowski

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