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POCO M3 has a nice photo kit for its price segment. We have an 8-megapixel selfie camera in it, as well as a 48+2+2 Mpx rear camera. Of course, 2-megapixel cameras have been added so that the device does not look too modest, and their usefulness on a daily basis is debatable. Nevertheless - we can be satisfied with the photos taken with POCO M3. Of course, the greatest merit is the main matrix with a lens with f/1.79.

Daytime photos are just correct, with well-reproduced colors and details. By default, the camera records photos by combining pixels, up to a resolution of 12 Mpx. We can force a full resolution of 48 Mpx - but what for? To print billboards or to fill up memory faster ...? 12 Mpx photos are of good enough quality to capture even important moments with this camera. If the light is good - although it is also good for a phone at this price.

There will already be a clear noise in night photos, which - in the dark parts of the frame - will further aggravate the use of the night mode. This one - I recommend it for city photos, where there is a combination of dark and bright elements in the frame. Portrait photos with the use of an additional, 2-megapixel eyelet also work well, the software "gets lost" only in the case of really complex cuts - for example, when separating wind-blown hair from bushes in the background. It is surprisingly good, the camera exceeded my expectations.

I will evaluate the macro photos a bit worse - but again - in this price segment I have seen much worse. About selfies one can say briefly - correct. Without a revelation, but also without any serious shortcomings that could be justified by the low price of the phone. In this case - I only complain about the effects of blurring the background.

There are no miracles, the software itself and one lens cannot give too stunning effects. I will evaluate video recordings similarly. They are correct and that's it. We can only record in Full HD, at 30 fps. The videos are relatively clear and smooth, the sound - average, and the night recordings - even slightly better than you might expect. There is no stabilization whatsoever, but in this segment it is not surprising.

POCO M3 - sample videos
video: GSMchoice.com via YouTube

The POCO M3 camera has received a meaningful interface. I must praise it for the ability to arrange the modes on the main desktop and in the tray according to the order we want, while I will rebuke for the macro switch hidden in the submenu, next to the options regarding the aspect ratio or the self-timer. The function described as "Background blur" can also be a bit confusing. It's not the same as portrait mode. To be honest, I would rather call it "fogging" ... Overall - I would rate POCO M3 positively, despite some shortcomings. With a price of a maximum of 150 euro - the camera meets the expectations and even better than some more expensive competitors.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Adam Łukowski

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