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Redmi Note 7 arrives to its buyers in a cardboard box, ornamented with an ascetic graphics. The set itself is a bit ascetic as well. We will find a USB cable, silicone cover, “papers” and a tray for opening the cards’ socket. There is a common, 10-watt charger. It is strange, because the smartphone supports the Quick Charge 4.0 function – so it looks like we need to buy an appropriate charger separately. There are no earphones in the set, but fortunately Redmi Note 7 has a minijack. So we can see the first compromise at the start.

Fortunately, when it comes to the stylization, the manufacturer spent no expenses. The smartphone looks modern and is likeable, especially in the blue version (with the slight gradient) or the red one, which is going to be available slightly later. The stylization is “on time” – so there is the notch on the display in the shape of a water drop, dual camera at the back and a shiny finish. We can say that the looks of the phone does not stand out from its competition – but Redmi Note 7 can be called, without a doubt, a pretty phone.

But not all that glitters is gold. The bezel around the display is narrow – but not too much. There is a bit more space at the top and a slightly thicker bottom. In addition, around the display there is a narrow frame made out of plastic. The same material was used to create the body of the device.

The plastic, covered with a shiny lacquer nicely imitates metal, but it decreases the weight of the phone as well. Just like the stiffness, unfortunately. My device withstood the period of tests without any harm and I did not notice any tendency for creaking or bending. However, on the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything there is a video, which shows that the body of the phone has a weak point and it can break when enough force is applied.

I did not conduct such an extreme trial – and I will repeat myself – I did not notice anything disturbing during a regular usage of the phone, though I suggest you not to carry your Redmi Note 7 in the back pocket of your tight trousers. Another compromise?

The fact that the frame of the phone cannot be scratched easily, just like the glass panels covering the back and the front, is a consolation. The only thing that can give you nightmares is the susceptibility to dirt – but this is typical for most glass housings.

However, there is another detail that can irritate. The camera module that stands above the housing. It is so high above (I checked – 2.1 mm) that it cannot “hide” even when we place the phone in the cover added to the set, and the phone wobbles when it is placed on a flat surface. What is more – it raises concerns when it comes to the durability of the glass covering lenses.

However, after a month of using Redmi I do not see any visible signs of usage on the glass and I was not too particularly careful about this element and I was not using the cover.

I complained a bit – but I must say that I still like this device, even despite these flaws. In reality, when it comes to the housing, it only lacks waterproofness – but I cannot demand it in this price shelf, so let us move to quick glances of what is where.

The front: the display, camera, speaker and a single-coloured, rather discrete notifications LED on the lower side, next to the USB socket. A bit unusual… The back? The standing camera module with its LED flash mentioned before, round fingerprint scanner and a small logo.

At the bottom – USB-C, single speaker and a microphone (disguised in the row of holes, suggesting a presence of a single speaker). The right wall is taken by buttons – placed classically and comfortable in usage, while on the left side there is another compromise.

The cards’ tray is decent – but, unfortunately, it is a hybrid, so we must choose between using Dual SIM and enhancing the memory. And here I recommend buying the top version, with 128 GB of internal memory. There is a lot going on the top wall. Besides a minijack and an additional microphone there is the infrared sensor.

More about it later, now I will finish reviewing the housing by saying that – when it comes to the price of the phone – I rate it high, though with some concerns. The quality of assembly is impeccable.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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