Redmi Note 9T


It's okay, but it could be better


The energy is provided by a 5000 mAh battery. And it can work for a relatively long time away from the charger - in typical use, I easily achieved two days of work. Here are the results of battery benchmarks and own measurements:

  • working time with the screen on (YouTube, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness, minimum sound level) - over 17 hours,
  • PC Mark battery test result - 17 hours and 14 minutes,
  • Geekbench result (full discharge, dim screen) - 12020 points, discharge after 20 hours and 2 minutes,
  • an hour of video streaming (Chrome, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness) - 9% less battery,
  • an hour of playing videos from the phone's memory (airplane mode, pre-installed video player, 50% screen brightness) - 8% less battery,
  • half an hour of using online navigation - 5%,
  • half an hour of playing Real Racing 3 - 7% battery less,
  • 8 hours in standby mode - 2% battery less.

The smartphone supports charging up to 18 W, so it will not use the full potential of the charger added in the set. So what is the point of its presence in the sales kit? But let's abandon this topic, you can finally charge other devices with it. So how long will it take to charge the cell with the included accessories? After 30 minutes it is 28%, after an hour - 66%, and after 90 minutes - 90%. The entire process of charging a flat battery to 100% takes about 2 hours. The smartphone does not support wireless charging.


Redmi Note 9T is a decent model, but it doesn't get too much excitement. First of all, RAM - models costing less than 200 euros are equipped with 4 GB of RAM, after exceeding this price threshold, I would expect 6 gigabytes. Secondly, the cameras - the 48-megapixel main camera will not disappoint, but the lack of an ultra-wide angle lens is a big disappointment for me. Third, charging that takes a long time. Fourth, the price. The reviewed model costs 269 euros and it is not the most profitable model in its segment. And the competition is awake - I mean, first of all, the Realme brand and the recently reviewed Realme 7 5G model, which offers more RAM, a screen with high refresh rate and a half-shorter loading time - and is much cheaper. Moreover, you can consider other models from the Xiaomi offer here, as well as models from the Moto G series.

Pros and cons


  • matte housing
  • Gorilla Glass on the front of the device
  • 5G support on two SIM cards
  • standalone slots for SIM cards and memory cards
  • fast and accurate fingerprint scanner
  • transparent case included
  • good quality of photos from the main camera 48 MP
  • universal headphone jack
  • stereo speakers
  • working times
  • support for memory cards


  • number of gigabytes of RAM
  • redundant macro and depth measuring cameras
  • no ultra-wide angle camera
  • the price is not the lowest, and there are more cost effective alternatives
  • the purchase of the 64 GB version is completely unprofitable
  • no higher screen refresh rate
  • lack of proven dust and water resistance
  • a lot of unnecessary, pre-installed applications
  • advertisements in factory applications
  • battery charging relatively slow

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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