Samsung Galaxy A50 Dual SIM


Plastic can be fantastic


An octa-core Exynos 9610 CPU with Mali-G72 MP3 GPU and 4GB of RAM takes care about the work of Galaxy A50. It must be great – and it usually is. The phone can deal without any problems with utility apps, as well as with games – and with a nice details levels. In benchmarks it looks just like it befits a decent middle-guy – there is nothing to be ashamed of.

For most of the time Galaxy A50 works smooth and ably switches between apps. Almost ideally… Unfortunately, I am bothered by some strange, seldom lags. However, I will underline that these lags appear rather seldom and they do not disturb our work in an everyday usage. However, it would be a lie to say that we cannot notice them.

These slight lags in its work, Samsung Galaxy A50 makes up with the high amount of memory that it offers. It has built-in 128GB, out of which we receive around 100GB of free space at the beginning. But this is not the end, because we can always use a microSD card and add a modest 512GB.


Next to it we must talk about the battery. A 4000 mAh cell is one of the biggest advantages of this device. It does not make the phone too heavy, but thanks to this we can only look for a charger every other day. Without any compromises.

We just need to use the automatic brightness setting and switch Always on Display to be shown only when we will tap the display. We do not need to laboriously switch connectivity modules or look at a dimmed display. Two days of work without any tricks – this is a good result. The lifespan can be prolonged, by messing with settings – but what for?

Charging time is short, but not perfect. Fully charging takes a bit more than an hour and a half, but after first 20-and-so minutes we can achieve a 1/3 of the charge level. If it only had wireless charging…

Communication, sound

When it comes to communication I do not have any slightest concerns towards Galaxy A50. The interface set is complete – besides LTE, there is NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and dual channel Wi-Fi, as well as GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo navigation systems and the already mentioned minijack.

It is worth to underline one of the biggest advantage of the smartphone, that is the triple socket for cards, thanks to which we can use two nanoSIM cards, as well as a microSD one at the same time. A round of applause for Samsung for not using a hybrid solution – this is much more practical.

The quality of sound during calls is perfect, though I would not have been offended if it had a bigger power – but of course without the loss in quality, which I rate high, basically on the level of a flagship. Similar case is with the external speaker. There is only a single one, but it sounds great and it could have been more powerful as well. If have mentioned about earphones at the beginning – but I will repeat myself: they have a better sound, than how they look and lie in our ears. I will add that I have no concerns towards the work of all available connectivity systems. They work properly.

It is a pity that Samsung did not preinstalled its own version of a player, suggesting the usage from Google. The app can be installed separately, and this flaw is compensated by the presence of an FM radio, which is not that obvious when it comes to Samsung. The radio is nice and we can record broadcasts.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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