Samsung Galaxy A51
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Corrections: Has a gyro sensor and has a proximity sensor. Does NOT include an 8gb of ram option.
Also, it IS a dual sim. (or it includes an option)
Has 15 watt (Fast Charging) Not regular changing.

Other fixes or additions:
Processor clock:
4x 2.31 GHz
4x 1.74 GHz
First camera Photo sensor model: Sony imx582
Video resolution: Up to 4K using 3rd party software
Also does not have NFC (for the TPA model as far as i'm concerned)
Thank you for all your efforts.
1. Yes, there is a gyro sensor (corrected the data, thank you), but there is no proximity sensor (mean a separate, physically existing device). Samsung claims something called "virtual proximity sensor" which is probably nothing else like a light sensor functioning as proximity sensor. It is a function, not the device. Until recently, Samsung was very careful not to provide a proximity sensor if it is not installed in the smartphone. The light sensor was often used as a proximity sensor. Apparently something has changed. I can add information about the light sensor in "additional information".

2. But of course there is a version with 8 GB of RAM :)

3. - That's why we have a separate catalog card for the dual-SIM version in the catalog:

4. I'm sorry, byt I don't understand correstion about charging. The option "Fast Charging" is clearly marked in the data, and the value 15W for charging is given in the "additional information".

5. Thank you for indicating the lack of data in the processor specification. Technical specifications have been supplemented.

6. I am sorry but the source of our data is the manufacturer's specifications. As far as I know, Samsung unfortunately does not provide information about the photo matrix model. If Samsung provides this information somewhere, please provide the website address.

7. Yes, theoretically this model can record video in 4K resolution. Unfortunately, Samsung does not offer this option natively. We try to provide information that the manufacturer guarantees. Video recording resolution is often software and not device related data. It's the producer's choice, not ours. Data may change after the next software update.

8. True, NFC is only available on certain versions of this model. This information was missing on the catalog card in English. Thank you and complete the information.

Regards, (jf)
.68.132.137 | 05 Mar 2020, 23:03
There are 1 opinions. Showing from 1 to 1.