Samsung Galaxy S10e Dual SIM


A flagship in a smaller format

Packaging and accessories

Samsung Galaxy S10e comes to use in a small, black cardboard box. Inside we can find a charger with not so impressive parameters (9V-1,67A/5V-2A), in addition there is a USB-USB-C cable, AKG earphones with a remote control and a cable in a braid material, as well as a needle for opening the tray for SIM cards and a paper manual and a warranty card.

Housing and display

Samsung Galaxy S10e is one of the flagship Samsung devices, therefore it is not surprising how much attention the manufacturer put to the quality of the construction. The bezel is matte and the front and back panels are made out of glass, protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass 5. Everything is of course well-fitted, materials have a high quality, there is a high attention to details – everything that you can expect from a flagship. Samsung prepared a wide variety of colours of the reviewed model. The housing can be white, black, green or yellow (the availability depends on the market).

Next to the quality of assembly we must mention sizes and the weight of the device. In the hour of devices, which diagonal exceeds 6 inches, Samsung Galaxy S10e offers a 5.8-inch display. This is not a big difference, but in an everyday usage it translates into the fact that the smartphone is light (only 150 grams), compact and it can be used with one hand, it is inconspicuous when thrown into your pocket and it perfectly fits smaller, feminine hands. It does not mean that this model should be omitted by men – I simply noticed, while being at work, that the reaction of my friends to the handiness of S10e was the main reason for which women would choose it.

When it comes to the housing, I do not like one thing – the power/lock button, which serves as a fingerprint scanner as well, is placed a bit too high. If it had been around 10-15 millimetres lower, our thumb would have rested on it perfectly – but when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S10e we always need to move the hand along the device for the finger to reach the scanner. Though on the other hand, not everyone will have a problem with this – those with longer fingers will probably be fine. Still, we can quickly adjust to this characteristic housing and grab the phone in a different way. The placement of the fingerprint scanner might not befit left-handed people – by grabbing the phone with a left hand it is difficult to reach it with our index finger.

When it comes to the housing it is worth mentioning about one more thing - S10e has the IP68 certificate, which means that it is dust- and waterproof in particular conditions – though the warranty mentions that despite this classifications the device can be damaged in particular situations. I used a water hose and it handled it without any problems, so the reviewed device at least proved its waterproofness.

It is time to move to the housing of the smartphone – let us start from the screen. This is a 5.8-inch (in practice, if we will count arced edges, it has 5.6 inches) Dynamic AMOLED display with the Full HD+ resolution (we cannot change it), with a high brightness, perfect black representation and colours, and the pixel density that exceeds 400 ppi – this is definitely one of the best OLED panels on the market. Contrary to other models from the S10 family this panel is flat, it does not have fingerprint scanner built in the display (which for me personally is an advantage). We can use the phone in every orientation while wearing glasses with polarization filters.

S10e has a single hole in the display, which is not bothersome while using the device (in my opinion, it is better than a notch), in addition it gives a wide area for those creating wallpapers (great images thanks to which we can hide holes in the Galaxy S10 series smartphones are offered in the Hidey Hole app). Apps deal with the hole in many different ways – in some of them the image can be stretched to bezels, in other the upper part is masked (along with the hole) with a black bar.

The back, glass panel, protected by Gorilla Glass 5, has the camera module, which slightly stands above the housing, a rather subtle manufacturers logo, as well as markings and certificates. The panel is slightly arced around edges, thanks to which the smartphone rests in hands easily. And just like any other phone with glass panels, it is rather slick and it catches dirt easily.

The frame of the device is metal, slightly arced and in places intersected with antennas’ straps. On the right edge of the device there is the fingerprint scanner, which is the physical power/lock button at the same time. It works surprisingly fast and is sensitive, it did not have any problems with recognizing my fingers, though as I have mentioned before it is placed slightly too high. In addition, we can slide down the notifications panel thanks to it or run the camera (after pressing it twice). There is the second biometric scanner, which is facial recognition, though even Samsung warns at the beginning of configuring this function that it is less safe than scanning our fingers. In practice it works surprisingly well and it could not be deceived with a printed photo.

On the left side there are physical buttons for volume control and the Bixby button, which can be reprogrammed to be used with other apps. On the lower edge there is the speaker, microphone’s hole, USB-C socket and a minijack, while at the upper one there is the additional microphone and the tray for SIM/microSD cards. The latter uses the hybrid solution, it can store either two SIM cards in the nano size, or a one SIM and one microSD card.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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