Samsung Galaxy S10+

By: Adam Łukowski

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Construction, set quality of assembly

Samsung Galaxy S10+ can be found around the world with two different CPUs and it has a lot of different memory versions. We received the version with the Exynos 9820 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. There is a version with 512GB of ROM and even 1TB, which in addition has 12GB of RAM.

If you would like to know more about other variants of S10, please refer to the launch coverage or simply watch this video:

Samsung Galaxy S10 straight from its launch
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

What does the package hide? Besides the phone, we can find a 15-watt Adaptive Fast Charge charger (compatible with QC2) and a USB cable of a reasonable length. In addition, we have (known from previous generations) adapters from USB and microUSB to USB-C – it can help with transferring data from our previous phone using the Smart Switch app.

This is a great solution and I recommend using it, in order to configure the phone much faster. The app works well with basically any phone with Android or iOS.

Let us get back to the box for a minute, because we can find here AKG earphones as well. They have a high quality of construction and they play decently.

Galaxy S10+ is similar to models from the previous generation. It has a similar shape of the metal frame and arced edges. Curves are slightly less noticeable than in the predecessor, angles have lower degrees, which overall contributes to a better looks.

Shapes of the housing are rather simple, without any peculiarities, though I must admit that colours of the back is rather effective and eye-catching. My device was pearl-white, but the black version falling into purple shades is equally interesting. If you will choose the pure white or black, you must unfortunately pay more – these colours are reserved for versions with ceramics backs, with the highest internal memory – which equals to the highest price.

As I have mentioned before, the S10 line continues the style of its predecessor – but it brings a lot of novelties as well. One of them is the frame of the main camera, which has three lenses, a LED flash and sensors. No matter the colour of the housing, it is dark, it draws our attention to it, but what is the worst – it stands above the housing. If we will place the phone on its back, it rests on the edge of this frame, which raises concerns about its durability. In my device, despite an intensive usage, it looks good – still, I recommend buying a cover…

Another novelty can be found at the front, but in order to see it, we need to light up the display. Samsung resisted the trend of placing a notch, but it fell for the lack of bezels. The result is a display with a hole for the front camera. In base models, the hole is round and relatively small, but in Galaxy S10+ we have a large cavity, which I immediately started calling “binoculars”.

I cannot asses it in one way. On the one hand – it is not pretty. On the other – it is better than a notch… We have a display without any bezels, there is a dual camera, and if “binoculars” are bothering us, we can look for an appropriate wallpaper. Samsung took care of adding such wallpapers, which are perfectly covering this detail.

The housing is really solid and glass panels covering it are durable. My device had a few adventures during the convention, but it still looks like new. I must commend the waterproofness, but at the same time criticize the housing for being susceptible to dirt. It is really high, but cleaning the device is not a problem. If it is going to be really bad, then while trying to take a photo the phone will notify us about the necessity to clean up lenses.

The stiffness of the body is decent, and the quality of assembly and materials used – perfect, like it should be in a smartphone from the highest shelf. Ergonomics is impeccable, though I heard some opinions about the inappropriate placement of the power button – for me it is placed perfectly, but I recommend “measuring” your hand to the phone (or at least its dummy) before buying it – just in case.

A quick glance at the elements’ placement. The button mentioned before is on the right side, while on the left there are volume control and Bixby button (which now can be ascribed with different tasks). On the lower wall we will find the speaker, USB-C socket, minijack and the main microphone, while on the upper one – the additional microphone and a tray for cards, which can be filled with a nanoSIM a microSD cards. And where is the fingerprint scanner, you will ask? I will tell you in a moment.

Source: GSMchoice.com; viewed: 369 times.


By: Adam Łukowski

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