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Flagship with a dedication to fans – the most interesting Samsung model in 2020


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE receives a big plus for stereo speakers, which AKG is responsible for. They are supported by Dolby Atmos. They can boast with a good, rich sound, though I think that they are slightly quieter than in other models from the S20 family. It is a pity that there is no universal minijack – which would have been appreciated by many fans of this S20 version. Clearly, some manufacturers have ultimately decided not to use them in more expensive smartphones. Samsung belongs to this group and we need to deal with it. And buy good, wireless earphones.

Photos and video

The camera in Galaxy S20 FE surprised me slightly. I expected to be overwhelmed with megapixels, and it looks like the manufacturer invested in three neat cameras, which work basically in all conditions. It consists of:

  • standard camera, 12 MP, AF, OIS, f/1.8,
  • wide-angle camera, 12 MP, 123 degrees, FF, f/2.2,
  • telephoto lens camera, 8 MP, 3x lossless zoom, AF, OIS, f/2.4.

When it comes to the S20 family models, the only step the manufacturer took was to reduce the telephoto lens – instead of 64 MP there is an 8 MP one. It translates into the inability of recording videos in the 8K quality, which does not bother me especially. I like the fact that there are cameras placed here that can really be used every day – there are no useless depth measurement cameras, or special ones for macro.

Cameras – especially the main and the telephoto one – work great, they provide sharp photos full of details, with a rather natural colours and good dynamics. It sometimes saturates and brightens up photos too much, but we can always correct it in the Pro mode. Samsung promotes this camera as a one that can achieve a 30x zoom, but this is only a marketing trick – it is best to stick with the 3x optical zoom and forget about the digital one. If you really need to use it, I advise you to do it in a limited range. The HDR mode works great, the autofocus is fast and errorless. The wide-angle camera offers a slightly slower quality and it tends to overexpose the sky. What is more, there is no OIS, and the focus is fixed:

The camera provides a night mode, which lights up the shot subtly and it slightly enhances colours. With a good external lighting differences between auto and night are not that noticeable:

The camera app provides a few basic modes: Single Take, Photo and Video and a whole range of additions in the menu. We can find there the Pro mode, Panorama, Food, Night, Live Focus, Live Focus Video, Pro Video, Super Slow-Mo, Slow-Mo and Hyperlapse. In addition, there is Bixby Vision and AR Zone. What is more, thanks to icons on the main screen, we can quickly switch flash modes, we can set a timer, change a ratio, we can take a moving photo or we can add filters. We can switch between three lenses in a simple way. Only after going to settings we get access to HDR.

Galaxy FE provides a lot of capabilities when it comes to video recording, and the quality of videos themselves is definitely an advantage of the reviewed model – both when it comes to offered functions, as well as their quality, level of details, smoothness and colours. The maximum resolution is 4K, but it is worth noting that functions like auto focus, video effects and stabilization will not work in this mode. In the Pro mode we can record in 21:9 ratio as well.

The camera for selfies will definitely appeal to those, who take such photos for social media in a massive amount. It has an f/2.0 lens and it offers 32 MP, though as a default it uses the technology of connecting pixels, which results in photos with a resolution of around 6.5 MP. However, we can force photos in the full resolution. What is more, it has autofocus as well. Still, do not count on having natural, unedited photos – even with the beautifying off, the software softens faces in selfies to some degree. It is worth adding that the front camera can detect a larger group in front of the lens and it can force using a wider angle – we can force it manually as well. Vlogers will like the fact that the smartphone can record in 4K both from the front and the main camera.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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