Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Dual SIM


Flagship with a dedication to fans – the most interesting Samsung model in 2020


The 4500 mAh cell lasted for a whole day of an intensive work without any problems, achieving 1.5-2 days during a typical usage. It is partially thanks to the modest, though completely decent resolution, but mostly thanks to Sanpdragon 865, which works great with power management and heat dispersion. All measurements were taken with the display set to the high refreshment, which is 120 Hz.

  • lifespan with the display on (YouTube, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness, minimum sound level) – around 18.5 hours,
  • PC Mark battery test result – 9 hours and 38 minutes,
  • Geekbench score (full discharge, dim screen) – 7790 points, discharge after 12 hours and 55 minutes,
  • an hour of streaming videos (Netflix, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness) - 12% of the battery lost,
  • an hour of playing videos from the phones memory (airplane mode, Netflix offline, 50% screen brightness) - 10%,
  • half an hour of using online navigation - 6-8%,
  • half an hour of playing Real Racing 3 - 7%,
  • 8 hours in the standby mode - 2%.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE supports 25W wired charging, and a wireless charging (15W). There is even a reverse charging (4.5W), which can charge, for example, earphones or a smartwatch, if needed. However, if a user cares about the fastest power, one must buy an appropriate charger – in the set there is a 15 W one, thanks to which we can fully charge the battery in a bit more than 90 minutes. This is a surprising move, because even with cheaper models like Galaxy M51 there are 25 watt USB-C PD 3.0 chargers with PPS and PDO.


Samsung claims that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE model was created as an “answer” to meet expectation of users, who were not entirely pleased with the equipment and price of other models from the Galaxy S20 series. And this is an undeniably good decision, because the smartphone offers a strong specification in a reasonable price. What is more, the manufacturer offers this model with Exynos and Snapdragon – so users are not limited to a single CPU on the given market.

So where are savings when it comes to the regular S20 version? For example, there are no earphones, the housing is made out of plastic and not glass, the front is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, while other models from the same family have the newer version, the camera is slightly weaker… But, if we sum up pros and cones, they speak in favour of Galaxy S20 FE and if you decide to buy it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • quality of construction
  • AMOLED, flat screen
  • 120 Hz refreshment rate
  • matte finish of the housing
  • dust- and waterproofness on the IP68 level
  • great specification and efficiency
  • good cameras, including one with a 3x zoom
  • stereo speakers
  • 5G, fast Wi-Fi, NFC, DeX
  • 3 years of promised system updates
  • quality of photos and recordings
  • dual SIM support
  • fast UFS 3 memory
  • Snapdragon CPU and high efficiency
  • different colour versions
  • inductive and reverse charging
  • reasonable price


  • backs are made not from glass but from polycarbonate (though this might not be a flaw for everyone)
  • older generation of Gorilla Glass slightly thicker bezels around the display
  • fingerprint scanner is slow and irritatingly imprecise
  • if you care about Snapdragon, you need to buy the 5G version – the cheaper one has Exynos
  • the resolution is not impressive
  • lack of a universal minijack
  • slots for SIM and microSD cards in a hybrid solution
  • lack of a faster charger in the set, no earphones or a cover

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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