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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G will not disappoint people using the smartphone to listen to music - whether through the speaker or through the headphones. The external speaker, which provides stereo sound in cooperation with the talk speaker, plays clean, loud and provides quite good bass for a smartphone. In addition to stereo sound, Samsung has taken care of people who prefer headphones. The set includes a set of in-ear headphones with remote control, branded by AKG. They end with a USB-C socket - unfortunately the 3.5 mm mini-jack will not be found in the reviewed device. The sound also sounds great with the use of wireless accessories - in this case they were JBL Tune 220 TWS headphones. It is worth adding that the software supports Dolby Atmos technologies.

Photos and video

Samsung Galaxy S20+5G provides three cameras:

  • 12 megapixel standard camera (f/1.8, OIS),
  • 64 megapixel camera (f/2.0, OIS) with 3x hybrid zoom and 30x digital zoom,
  • 12-megapixel camera with wide angle (f/2.2).

There's also a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor that you won't find in the smaller Samsung Galaxy S20. The camera's capabilities are one of the most emphasized news in the Galaxy S20 series - so let's see in more detail what Galaxy S20+ 5G can do in this respect.

I like the effects of the camera's work. Even very much. But this is not a flawless camera. Sometimes you can see that the camera likes to slightly improve the colours - the grass is greener and the sky bluer. The effect is not very strong and it can be said that it makes the photos more attractive, but they are not entirely natural. Particularly noteworthy are the details in the pictures, which on the smaller display provide excellent detail, but when we look at the details on the monitor screen, bringing individual areas closer, the elements become too sharp.

The wide angle turned out to be irreplaceable in places where there is no way to properly frame a photo or when recording landscapes. A telephoto lens will not disappoint you either - one of the cameras provides a 3x hybrid zoom and gives excellent results. If this is not enough for you, then the only option remains the S20 Ultra model, which offers a 10x zoom. It is worth noting that the 64-megapixel sensor of this camera is also used to record recordings in 8K quality.

I also positively assess the camera's operation in the night mode - although this mode should be selected manually. Of course, you can stay with the automatic mode and scene recognition function, when the smartphone correctly recognizes the external conditions and starts the night mode, but this is not the same quality - the manually activated mode looks much better. Although this is not the quality provided by the night mode in top smartphones from Huawei, S20+ 5G does not need to have complexes.

The camera interface is simple and intuitive. It provides a number of functions, among which the novelty is "One Shot" - with its help the camera automatically records various photos and clips from each scene. And this is how the camera application looks. Among the modes we will find Pro mode, panorama, food photography mode, night mode, Live Focus, and shooting supports Bixby Vision and features related to augmented reality. The video recording modes are also extended.

At the front, in a single hole located in the central part of the screen, there is a 10-megapixel camera. There are some effects here that can improve your image, various colour filters - the quality of the photos is definitely correct, and the detail and sharpness of the photos ensures the presence of autofocus.

The smartphone allows you to record video in a maximum quality of 8K at 24 frames per second. For now, it's more curiosity, it doesn't have much practical use. At least until TVs with 8K resolution become widespread. But you can also record in UHD (4K, 3840x2160 pixels) or FHD or HD quality, both at 60 and 30 frames per second, you can also switch between lenses during recording. The Super Steady OIS technology ensures the stability of the clips.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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