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Design, durability, quality of workmanship

Compared to its predecessor, Samsung's first folding phone, Galaxy Z Fold 2 has definitely gained in beauty. It is a bit thinner than its predecessor, and it does not offend with the ugly, wide border of the external display. The outer, smaller screen now occupies almost the entire half of the housing, thanks to which the device looks less bulky, and at the same time much more modern. The selfie camera is placed in a hole that may sting the eyes a bit, but it does not actually affect the comfort of using the device.

The internal flexible display has also grown. It is 12% larger, and its frames - 27% smaller. This is what the manufacturer says, and I do not play with the calculations, I only say briefly: the changes for the better are beating the eyes. An Ultra Thin Glass material coating was used. Thanks to this, the display should be more resistant. The display has a maximum brightness of 900 nits, and the typical, constant brightness is 700 nits. A large, disfiguring notch has disappeared from the corner of the screen, giving way to a selfie camera hole. Unfortunately, you can still see and feel the refraction under your finger where the screen folds. It turns out, however, that you can deftly "dodge" this feature - more about it in a moment. You can feel and you can also see a hollow at the height of the camera aperture - but it does not bother me at all. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is not one of the lightest phones - but I put it down to its specific, complicated structure.

The hinge mechanism has also been changed by changing the look of the phone. It has better seals, so less dirt enters the interior. Is it working? I did not dare to throw Fold in the sand, but in everyday use, which involves carrying a smartphone in my pocket, the seals seem to do their job. When opening the housing, you do not hear the characteristic clicks, and the mechanism works smoothly - so nothing superfluous has penetrated there. The only disturbing noise is the sound of the display straightening.

However, I do not see that its appearance heralds a defect. It's been like that from the moment I got the phone. A few weeks passed - and nothing. It is worth adding that during the tests we were visited by the "beast from the east", that is, a few frosty days, with the temperature even below -20 degrees. Following recent reports from Korea regarding cracking Folds and Flips screens, I used the phone outside with a little apprehension - but nothing happened. So - let's not demonize the durability of the folding screen - but of course I don't encourage you to stab it hard with your nails or other harder objects. If you treat Fold just like a smartphone with normal, not increased durability - nothing should happen.

The hinge allows you to open the housing completely, but also leave it open only at a certain angle. What for - I'll tell you in a moment. For now, a few more words about the rest of the housing. The body of the phone's halves, like the hinge, is made of metal. The switch and the volume keys are placed classically on the right side, they are convenient to use when the phone is folded and definitely less comfortable after opening the housing. After folding, the device is quite thick, and there is a slight gap between the closed halves - but smaller than in the previous model.

The folded phone is much thicker than a classic smartphone, but also narrower, so you can easily hold it and use the auxiliary screen with one hand. Of course - it's hard to reach the top of the screen if we have short fingers, but fortunately Samsung's interface takes this problem into account and more important things are presented at the bottom of the screen. The housing can be opened and closed with one hand. It's an activity so addictive that I find myself doing it unknowingly and unnecessarily. Oh, I was having fun, forgetting that a flexible matrix is not eternal after all.

The back of the housing is covered with glass crossed by a protruding camera bezel, very similar to the one used in Note 20. One of the colours was also taken from Note, also known as brown. No matter how you define this colour - I find it wonderful. I like the whole thing the more that the backs of the phone are matte, which makes them less dirty. In addition, the matte beautifully combines with the shiny camera frame and hinge frame.

For traditionalists, there is also a black version with shiny backs, much less attractive in my opinion. In some countries, you could also choose the colour of the hinge cover when you purchased it. Due to its construction, the smartphone is unfortunately not waterproof. Too bad, something for something. You have to take Galaxy S to the bathtub... The quality of the materials and assembly used is top - but in such an expensive flagship it cannot be otherwise.

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Adam Łukowski

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