Samsung GT-S7560
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This phone is bascically not usable in 2018. My grandma gave it to me to use when mine was in repair, since then, i regret picking up this phone and using it. Whatsapp works only 1/10 times and just mostly leaves you hanging. When you think it is loading, its really not. It just leaves you hanging and suffocating in your own regrets. Just save up and buy a better one, its 70 eur, jo just live without a phone for a few days and buy a Samsung Galaxy s4. Its a lot better choice then this piece of s*it
.69.194.68 | 03 May 2018, 10:05
cuban guy
The worst thing I ever had....but as it was given as a present.....know I realize that it was (for the one who gave it to me) a chinese torture with a big smile. What a slow cell!
.eproyiv.cu | 07 Jun 2016, 20:06

I've waited almost 18 months to destroy this P.O.S. with a hammer all while being filmed with my trusty new phone. Is constantly using 90% of system memory, apps either don't open or just crash randomly, web surfing is virtually impossible because of the slow speed, phone calls just drop, etc, etc etc. I could really go on and on and on. Not sure why I expected more from Samsung, but I did. Worst electronics purchase in my life.
.162.96.39 | 29 Jun 2015, 18:06
First time smart phone owner
I've had this phone for over a year now. When people say "it's slow", they are exactly right. Using this phone is painful and I'm at the point now where the battery is dead after half a day, even when sitting idle the battery dies within hours. I expected more from Samsung
.mi.mun.ca | 07 May 2015, 14:05

For it's price It's a really good phone.... for the first three months.
It lags all the time, and suddenly the phone is a brick and I have to take the battery off and put it back to make it work again. It takes a very long time to boot the phone, and after that it works for ten minutes.

The RAM-usage is always somewhere between 450-630/645Mb, so using an app is a pain in your arse because it takes a lifetime to open an app, and when the app has finally opened, the phone lags(surprise).
After a while the battery lasts for 10 hours max.

If you desperately need a smartphone, consider spending your money on something useful instead of this piece of sh*t.
I've been struggling with it for a year because I don't have any extra money to spend on a new phone.

Works perfectly as an mp3-player.

.nat.bb.dnainternet.fi | 18 Nov 2014, 18:11
This is the worst phone I've ever, ever, EVER had. It lags incredibly much - Just read other reviews on this. Please don't buy it, saving up some more money is 1000% worth it if you'll be able to purchase another phone.

It's the slowest phone ever. When someone calls, the first time you won't be able to pick it up because the phone lags. Sometimes you can't even call because it freezes and you have to remove the battery and reinsert it.

Everytime it lags your best best is to restart it, but still, in 10 minutes it's back to being awful.

Can't even think about playing a game in this phone, terrible sensitivity and touch lag. Maps is super slow, very frustrating when you want to locate yourself and enter an address.

Please don't buy this phone, I'm seriously going to detonate it when I buy a new one.
.dedicated.allstream.net | 01 Oct 2014, 21:10
Terrible performance and bugged WiFi
.vs.shawcable.net | 27 Sep 2014, 01:09
This phone is a very slow phone for making use for any call. I could not see log & key pad at the same screen to make immediate call after seeing log.
.207.117.150 | 18 Sep 2014, 04:09
This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever owned. It is too slow, and it freezes too much. If I want to make a simple phone call it will take at least 1 minute to load. I just really hate it
.150.180.109 | 02 Aug 2014, 20:08
Horribly slow. It needs task killer to function normally, even then too slow.
.154.50.84.sta.estpak.ee | 02 Aug 2014, 11:08

There are 25 opinions. Showing from 1 to 10.