Sony Xperia 5 II


Flagship in a perfectly handful form


In the reviewed model there is a 4000 mAh cell. Thanks to the good power management and effective modes, like Stamina, the smartphone can achieve a full day of work without any problems. And it can even exceed it – in practice, provided that I did not use it for gaming or running benchmarks – I had around 35-40% of the battery left in the evening. The biggest power consumers are recording in 4K and gaming – and let us remember that I had the 120Hz refreshment set permanently. After switching to 60Hz lifespans will be better.

  • lifespan with the display on (YouTube, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness, minimum sound level) – 13 hours and 34 minutes,
  • PC Mark battery test result – 13 hours and27 minutes,
  • Geekbench score (full discharge, dim screen) – 8189 points, discharge after 13 hours and 35 minutes,
  • an hour of streaming videos (Netflix, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness) - 7% of the battery lost,
  • an hour of playing videos from the phone’s memory (airplane mode, Netflix offline, 50% screen brightness) - 6%,
  • half an hour of playing Real Racing 3 - 8%,
  • 8 hours in the standby mode - 5%.

Let us move to charging. Here I need to mention that Xperia 5 IIsupports 21 W charging, but in the set there is a weaker charger, an 18 W one. How fast will it charge the newest Sony? After 30 minutes there is around 46%, after an hour – 80%, and after 90 minutes – 96%. The remaining percentages will appear after 15-20 minutes, so we can charge the smartphone from zero to 100% in less than 2 hours. The reviewed Xperia only lacks the wireless charging – so no popular Qi charger will work with it. But this is a conscious decision made by the manufacturer – they did not want to increase the thickness of the phone by adding a coil, and the efficient cooling system was a priority.


The reviewed smartphone continues the characteristic line of the design chosen by the Japanese manufacturer with a success, but it is a truly multimedia device as well, which benefits from technologies from other Sony departments: enhanced image (Bravia TVs), photography technologies (Alpha cameras), or communication when it comes to games (PlayStation). Xperia 5 II offers a number of functions, which cannot be found in phones of its competitors. It works basically in all aspects, from the efficiency, the image and the sound, through the camera, lifespans and the software. This just might be the best smartphone from Sony in years and a real alternative for Galaxy S20 or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. It has only one flaw – a rather high price – but this is a distinctive feature of all phones from the highest shelf. They only need to convince users to itself, who might be more tempted by the more affordable competition, like Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • parameters and the quality of the image
  • 120 Hz display
  • great, prolonged shape and handiness – things that I always admire in all flagships of the Japanese manufacturer
  • dust- and waterproofness (IP65/68)
  • Gorilla Glass 6 at the front and at the back of the device
  • quality of assembly
  • the try for SIM/microSD cards can be removed without any additional tools
  • capabilities of cameras and apps for using them (standard, Photo Pro and CinemaPro)
  • powerful specification
  • efficiency, smoothness and the speed of work
  • fast and accurate fingerprint scanner
  • great lifespans, even with 120 Hz mode
  • notifications LED
  • minijack
  • memory cards support
  • quality of sound, stereo speakers


  • not everyone might like the long housing
  • all buttons placed on one edge
  • hybrid solution when it comes to SIM and microSD cards
  • fingerprints left on the back panel and the overall slickness of the device
  • absolute minimum in the sales package
  • useless Google Assistant button
  • no inductive charging
  • average quality of photos from the front camera
  • a lot of useless soft
  • charger from the set is not the fastest one
  • high price, though lower when it comes to Sony Xperia 1 II

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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