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Vivo X51 does not have to be ashamed of its cameras. We will not find here tragic and useless 2-mpx. Selfies are taken with a 32-megapixel camera hidden in a small notch in the display. While at the back we have a rather unique set.

Its base is a 48-megapixel matrix that works with an f/1.6 aperture lens and a gimbal mechanism of the image stabilization. This solution does not move lenses of cameras, like a common stabilization – it moves the whole module.

It provides a three times higher movement range than a typical OIS. Another back module, 12 Mpx, is equipped with a portrait lens with an f/2.46 aperture, a 2x zoom and an equivalent of a 50mm focal length. The next matrix, 8 Mpx, works with the telephoto lens as well, but it is a periscope one, with an optical image stabilization, an f/3.4 aperture, a 5x lossless zoom and a 60x digital one. There is a wide-angle lens as well. It has 8 megapixels and a 120 degrees field of view.

And how does this unusual camera work? In an everyday usage – it works perfectly, without any major concerns. However, I will complain about the fact that shots from particular lenses differ slightly when it comes to colour representation. It is visible the most in wide-angle shots.

We can notice a loss of details typical for wide-angle lenses in edges of the shot. Photos taken with a telephoto lens with a higher zoom are great as well, but I will underline that the “useful” zoom with the telephoto lens does not exceed 10-12x. After that, the digital zoom looks nicely, but we will not avoid the loss of details.

Night photos are almost as good as daytime ones – especially if we use a dedicated mode. The bright lens and the advanced image stabilization do their work, it is difficult to complain about the quality of photos.

However, let us remember that we cannot deceive physics and it is best to forget about taking photos in full darkness. But in places where we can find some light – we can, provided that we use the main lens. Telephoto and wide-angle ones are worse, but not tragic. Photos are viewable, but I recommend viewing them on a phone, without enhancing. Unless you like photos full of noises.

There are numerous, additional modes and filters. Due to the presence of a portrait lens, there are numerous options connected with background blurring and photos stylization. There are even special templates for portraits, which tip you on how to position a model optimally.

There are filters for night time photos as well (for example, a golden glow or cyberpunk), or more enhanced functions connected with beautifying. There is a cinema mode as well, thanks to which we can track an object in the shot thanks to the gimbal lens, there are, for example, programs for photographing the Moon (for now, the weather prevents me from testing this) or for scanning documents with a perfectly working scan geometry, using AI.

Photos of the Moon look surprisingly well, but we can clearly see how the software “tweaks” original shots, so that they look as expected. However, document scans are something incredibly practical and useful, especially while working remotely. Basically – all software additions work as they should, but the manufacturer could have added tips to every one of them, so that we knew how to use a given function.

Selfies are on a good level as well, though in an extremely weak lighting they are not as pleasing as those taken with the back camera. The background blurring is “so-so” as well. Still, we can assess it rather positively. During the day – auto portraits are perfect, just like videos.

Videos taken with Vivo X51 look completely different than those taken with regular videos from smartphones. We can clearly see the effect of the work of the gimbal stabilization, the more dynamic the shot is, the more visible it is. Even when we record while running – the image remains stable. The only problem that I noticed during test shots were some strange artefacts appearing in darker parts of the image, during night shots. It is possible that this is some kind of a side effect of a stabilization connected with opening the shutter for a longer time.

Vivo X51 – sample videos
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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