Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G


Premium model... for economical ones


A huge smartphone is equipped with a huge battery - maybe the 5000 mAh capacity is not particularly impressive, but together with a well-optimized soft and effective energy management, it provides great working times. Even when using the highest refresh rate (which does not work continuously draining the battery, only adaptive, when the application is actually able to use a higher frequency), I was getting 2-day working times without any problems. During intensive work, you can discharge the battery in one day, but you really have to do it.

  • working time with the screen on (YouTube, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness, minimum sound level) - 18 hours and 22 minutes,
  • PC Mark battery test result - 15 hours and 50 minutes,
  • Geekbench result (full discharge, dim screen) - 9820 points, phone discharge after 16 hours and 22 minutes,
  • an hour of video streaming (Netflix, 1 SIM card, active Wi-Fi module, 50% screen brightness) - 7-8%,
  • an hour of playing videos from the phone's memory (airplane mode, Netflix offline, 50% screen brightness) - 5% less battery,
  • half an hour of using online navigation - 6%,
  • half an hour of playing Real Racing 3 - 7% battery less,
  • 8 hours in standby mode - 3% battery less.

The smartphone supports fast charging of 33 W (Power Delivery 3.0), and with the help of the charger and the cable from the set, we will charge the smartphone in 30 minutes to 56%, and up to 100% in just over an hour. Unfortunately, there is no wireless and reverse charging.


In European countries, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is sold for 649 euro for the version with 256 GB or 599 euro for the version with 128 GB of memory. This is a price that is significantly lower than the flagships from the competition - and it clearly shows that Xiaomi is returning to this pricing policy, thanks to which it has gained popularity around the world. That is, offering well-equipped models that are much cheaper than the competition - simply profitable. The manufacturer has already learned that changing this policy is not a good idea - the valuation of Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro models meant that they were not popular models. Therefore, with the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro, it has returned to what buyers expect from Xiaomi.

There are some savings here that make Mi 10T Pro not a premium model, but it is still a device worth attention. It is a powerful smartphone with rich accessories, offered at an attractive price. Its biggest rivals will be OnePlus 8/8T, Poco F2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Let's not forget about a cheaper alternative - for example Realme X50 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 10T, although this one has "only" 128 GB of memory and a 64 MP camera, but costs 599 euro or 649 euro (for the 6/128 GB and 8/128 versions respectively GB).

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is a phenomenal device that can easily handle all activities and applications that the user will want to implement with its help. It is not a typical gaming smartphone, but it will satisfy even the most demanding players. It is perfect for "consuming" multimedia, surfing the web and all communication. I would not like to have it for one very subjective reason - it is just too big for me. For two weeks of using Mi 10T Pro, I did not manage to get used to its weight and dimensions, and therefore I did not feel completely comfortable with it.

Pros and cons:


  • large screen working surface
  • 144 Hz display with AdaptiveSync technology, which adjusts the number of hertz depending on the content displayed on the screen
  • performance that will satisfy even the most demanding players
  • great specification, which translates into fast and smooth operation of the system and applications
  • high-quality cameras with 8K recording
  • fast and correct fingerprint scanner on the side edge
  • necessary communication options, including 5G
  • nice battery life
  • 33 W quick charge
  • attractive price, adequate to the equipment and possibilities
  • NFC, IR, dual SIM support
  • stereo speakers
  • a small notification LED on the upper frame
  • case and mini-jack adapter included


  • noticeable weight and considerable size
  • housing that attracts dirt (especially around cameras) and fingerprints
  • MIUI is not for everyone, in many areas you can see a clear inspiration from Apple's smartphones
  • AMOLED would be a better solution than LCD
  • does not support microSD cards
  • no 3.5 mm mini-jack (but there is a USB-C adapter)
  • does not meet the standards of water resistance
  • massive photographic module, strongly protruding above the casing - even with the case on
  • no camera with a telephoto lens, average cameras supporting the main camera
  • quality of photos from the ultra wide angle camera at night

Source GSMchoice.com

By: Monika Krasicka-Kulińska

By: Jolanta Szczepaniak

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