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Oh, these backs…!

Communication, sound

I have no concerns towards communication capabilities of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. The phone offers great quality of sound and calls. The receiver speaker transmits the sound as clear as its bigger brother on the lower wall. The second one – unfortunately – is not great for playing music, but when supporting calls – we cannot complain about it.

The support of the phone was handled to the default dialler, which has similar to other capabilities – but it has something, that is extremely rare: the possibility to record calls, even automatic ones. There is of course a possibility to quickly select contacts or block numbers.

We have Dual SIM, a passive one, with nanoSIM cards. The tray is comfortable in usage, just like the interface dedicated to using two cards. Xiaomi provides its own texting app, but typing was left to the classic Google keyboard.

When it comes to the musical side, the lack of minijack is a big disadvantage, just like the lack of an FM radio. However, we have a nice and comfortable audio player, separate video player, and in “Additional settings” we can find the sound equalizer. If we have earphones signed by Xiaomi – we will find additional, predefined corrections. It is worth noting that the phone has Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and aptX HD codes support.

Xiaomi boasts with the dual-channel GPS. It is supposed to be much more precise than the classical one. And even though I did not manage to see major differences between Mi 8 Pro and a competitive (but a clearly more expensive flagship) – I believe them. The GPS work ably – just as we could have expected. We do not need anything more… Just like I have no concerns towards the work of the dual-channel Wi-Fi, and NFC is the cherry on the top. It works, we can pay with it…


Have you noticed that I have not mentioned about the fingerprint scanner yet? And have you seen it anywhere in here? The solution is simple and it is one of the key difference between Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro. In this reviewed model the scanner is placed under the display. This is a modern, effective and a bells and whistles-type solution… but it needs to be perfected.

The configuration of the scanner is identical as with a classical one, the only difference is that we touch the surface shown on the screen. I have the impression that it takes slightly longer to remember the scan than in a classical one. And when it comes to the reading – I think that the screen-scanner works slightly longer and has more errors than the classical one.

In this case, in average, only 7 tries out of 10 were successful. After the update to MIUI 10 there was some slight improvement – but it was so small that I consider it as an autosuggestion. I did not notice any problems with reading when the display was dirty – but it had problems with a wet finger.

The angle of placement does not have a major meaning – just like the force – though we need to “press” it a bit. I did not like this scanner too much – for now this is more of an interesting feature than something useful in an everyday usage.

The facial recognition is something different, it justifies the big notch a bit. Just like in Mi 8, it works similarly. Because I was using this form of unlocking the phone almost the whole time, I managed to take a closer look and see some details, which I did not try to test previously. The sensor works almost in all conditions – in the full sunlight and in the dark.

Glasses (even sunglasses!) or hats do not bother the scanner, it simply forks. I will not change my haircut, but I intentionally changed my facial hair during the review – in many different ways, but Mi 8 Pro was not bothered by it. It recognized me. It cannot be deceived with a photo, it cannot be unlocked, when the user is sleeping with his or hers eyes closed. And here it is an interesting fact – we just need to open one eye to unlock the phone.

Putting on glasses – even sunglasses, with a polarizing filter – does not affect the scanner. It still works only with eyes opened. Great. And that is way I recommend future buyers of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro to use this protection with the face pattern – though it is considered as a slightly less trustworthy security.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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