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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is another model from the Chinese brand that gives no reasons to criticize, when it comes to its photography-video capabilities. Here is a similar set of cameras, as in Mi 8: 20 Mpx f/2.0 at the front and 2x12 Mpx at the back. The main matrix is Sony IMX363 with the f/1.8 lens, and the secondary one – Samsung S5K3M3 with f/2.4 aperture. The second matrix offers lossless, 2x zoom and support for the digital zoom or the background blurring. The camera has AI and a digital and an optical image stabilization as well.

Day time photos are great. We cannot complain about details representation or the work of the autofocus, colours representation is equally good, though I think that photos taken with AI have slightly enhanced colours. On the other hand – effects of the additional software are subtle, and in some cases they improve the captured image significantly.

Photos in weaker lighting are decent as well, though they lack something to be considered the highest class. We can see more noises, and what follows, the details representation is slightly worse than in day time photography – even in more difficult lighting conditions. Fortunately, there is a manual mode, in which we can decrease the sensitivity and prolong the exposure time (just use a tripod) – and take a successful photo.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, just like Mi 8, can make a small close up – but due to a smaller lens – in some cases it can be worse than the one from the main camera. I am of course talking about shots in the weaker lighting. During the day – we can be more flexible in a frame selection, and in addition there is a nice, 8x zoom. I am hesitant to call the digital zoom effects good – but let us say that they are decent and there is no major image degradation.

There is the background blurring as well – but Mi 8 had it too. The image is being cut precisely, we can add “special effects” – it is worth practicing and playing with photography.

Mi 8 had problems with connecting panoramic shots. Mi 8 Pro has the same problem, though slightly less. I still think that this function needs to be corrected.

The front camera – gives no reasons to complain about, however it is worth not taking photos on a highly lighted background. It is a pity that we cannot light the face with the display, but there is background blurring (a nice one) and the possibility to take group photos. The camera connects several frames, trying to capture all faces with a smile and without closed eyes. And it works nicely, though we need to be careful not to move the phone too much while taking the shot.

We can commend video capabilities as well. We can record in 4K, we can save videos in slow motion – 240 frames per second – but only in Full HD. In this resolution we can choose 120 frames per second, there is a time lapse as well. The image is recorded smoothly, without “jumps” in focus or exposition. The sound – is correct.

Videos from Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

The camera usage was handled to the preinstalled software, in which modes can be switched with a gesture, by swiping the finger to sides. Available modes are: Video, Portrait, Square, Panorama or Short video. They are complemented by the manual mode mentioned before, in which we can control the sensitivity, shutter opening time, exposition, white balance or focus. There are separate switched for the LED flash, HDR, AI and colour filters – and a switch between front and back cameras’ matrixes. In particular modes there is an additional menu – under the “hamburger” button, that is three bars. Here we can find additional options, which change depending on the selected mode. There is a shortcut for least used settings as well.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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