Xiaomi Mi 9T


Blue temptation


The display of Xiaomi Mi 9T is – just like the rest of the housing – a pleasure for our eyes. The display has a narrow bezel, there are no notches, and in addition it is made in the AMOLED technology. Thanks to this, we have juicy colours and a perfect, deep black. We can control the contrast, as well as the balance, there is of course the eye-protection mode, that can be turned on and off automatically.

In addition – the interface can be switched to the dark mode. Readability angles are great, just like brightness levels. The minimum, in connection with the dark interface, can be enjoyed even in a cave, while the maximum – allows us to normally use the phone in sunny days. What is interesting, in the auto mode the maximum brightness can be even higher than in the manual mode. And the auto works great…


The AMOLED display made it possible to hide the fingerprint scanner in it. The sensor is placed in the lower part of the display, in a rather comfortable place. For a display sensor, it works good and fast, though I still have a feeling that classic scanners are faster and more accurate beyond comparison.

The number of errors in Xiaomi Mi 9T might not irritate – but it would be a lie to tell you that I am fully satisfied. As a consolation I will add that we can select the animation around the scanner. Mi 9T has a facial recognition system as well. We can use it interchangeably with the scanner – or just leave it as the only security, however we must remember that it is not as reliant as the fingerprint.

Despite this I did not manage to deceive Xiaomi Mi 9T with a photo, we need to have at least one eye open as well, so scanning a sleeping person will not help. The system works surely and rather fast, provided that we must wait for the camera module to slide out. However, this sensor is not as great as the one in Mi 8 Pro.

Communication, sound

When it comes to the communication, I cannot complain about Xiaomi Mi 9T too much. The communication interface is complete, this time Xiaomi did not forget about NFC. All connectivity modules work without any problems, the phone manages to find the network even in “troublesome” locations, and the GPS is rather fast and precise enough.

Calls are conducted through a comfortable dialler with the possibility of discretely recording calls (even an automatic one), while the text communication is left for the Google keyboard. The quality of sound during calls is good, though I prefer for the speaker’s hole to be slightly wider, and the speaker itself – to have a bigger power. Though the sound itself is good, we need to carefully “aim” the speaker to our ear in order to hear anything well. We cannot hold the phone with our arm. On the other hand, microphones work great, just like the “external” speaker. Though it is only a single one, it sounds clear and loud and it ensures comfortable calls in the loud speaking mode and decent listening to music.

I will remind you that Xiaomi Mi 9T has a minijack, and in addition we will find both the recorder and an FM radio and a preinstalled player for videos and music. The quality of sound gives no reasons to complain about, it is worth mentioning that in the software of the phone we will find an enhanced equalizer and the Hi-Fi mode, as well as predefined modes for Xiaomi earphones. I will add that there are no earphones in the set.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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