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The manufacturer boasts with 108 points in the DxO ranking, but photography results will probably appeal to you more. The series of test photos can be found here.

Photos taken during the day are perfect – but in this feature even middle phones can show their power. However, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has an additional lens, which in good lighting conditions gives lossless 2x zoom.

In weaker lighting – the image is composed from two lenses, but without really zooming in it is difficult to distinguish it from the one achieved only with the single telephoto lens. In order to check which lens is being used – we just need to cover it with our finger. If the image does not disappear – we are zooming in with the optical way (do not mistaken this with optical zoom!). In any way – effects are great, and in addition – there is a digital zoom, which gives a decent image as well.

There is a dedicated night time mode in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as well. It slightly enhances the contrast, decreases noises and makes colours a bit more natural.

Unfortunately, taking a photo in this mode takes a bit longer than in the standard auto mode, and even this can take decent shots after dark – however we will see more noises and a lower level of details. In weak lighting it is best to use the main lens – it captures more light.

The additional lens works better in the portrait mode, which ensures a precise background blurring. In addition, thanks to the software we can use additional effects – like a blurring animation or studio lighting. Still, we know all this from previous Xiaomi models.

We all know about the problem with connecting panoramas as well. Here – I think – it is slightly better than in the Mi 8 series, but it still is not ideal. It is difficult to take a panorama just like that, the camera needs to be firmly hold in order to avoid tearing. Strange, because even cheaper smartphones can glue photos together not forcing the user to care about stably holding the camera. I have almost forgotten! There is of course AI, which work is mostly limited to recognizing scenes and enhancing the colours’ saturation.

When it comes to video recording – it is great. The quality is good, stabilization does its job, the sound and the smoothness are alright… You can see sample videos below:

Sample videos recorded with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
video: GSMchoice.com, via YouTube

We can even record in 4K with 60 frames per second, and in slow motion with 960 frames per second, but only 10 seconds shots. Here the image is not that great and in addition – it is difficult to capture this ideal moment. It is because the phone first records in 30 frames per second at the beginning only to switch to 960 in the last few seconds. It is hard to feel when to press the trigger. The match that you can see in the compilation above required over a dozen tries… This function needs to be perfected.

The front camera can surprize us. The fact that a 24-megapixel matrix can give a good image seems to be obvious… But in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 we have an additional, 2-megapixel matrix for background blurring. And it works great, and what is interesting is that the blurring can be done during video recording as well. Still – it is impressive. There is of course the beautifying mode with the AI enhancement. If we will not overdo it – it will come out quite natural. As an interesting fact I will say that in the DxO rank the front camera was placed higher than the main one…

The camera can be used with the simple and user-friendly interface, known from previous models. I can assess it mostly positive, though I am still irritated with the lack of a quick access to settings, which requires going through the menu of additional modes.

Source: GSMchoice.com


By: Adam Łukowski

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