Xiaomi Pocophone F1


Quite surprisingly this Poco came out awesomely

Housing, set

We can see the first of compromises the second we open the box. The smartphone has a housing made out of plastic, but it is decently made. The grey, modest housing does not look effective, but the red or the blue version that I reviewed looks much better. The model with carbon backs looks the best. This one can even be considered as a premium class model.

But the standard one has everything that it needs. Buttons placed on the right side are comfortable, the fingerprint scanner on the back wall is directly under our finger, and the tray for cards on the left side is solid and well-marked. The phone lies in hands comfortably, the body is stiff, there are no cavities and nothing creaks. Someone might complain that this is “just a plastic”, but on the other hand, there are a few advantages to this. Mainly, if the phone falls, the back will not crack, it will scratch at most. Just like the frame.

The back is rather hard to be scratched, just like the front, protected by Gorilla Glass, which version was not shared with us by the manufacturer. It is worth adding that the matte finish of the housing prevents the phone from slipping out of our hands, it does not slide along tables and is nice and warm in touch. Where is this compromise? I see it mainly in the lack of waterproofness, which is reserved for the Kevlar Armoured Edition.

The manufacturer has spent no expenses on sockets. On the upper wall there is a minijack, while on the bottom one there is USB-C. This socket is between two rows of holes, which suggests a presence of stereo speakers. But, this is a surprise – there is a single speaker, though there is something that some can consider a stereo – but more about it in a moment. For now let us check further into the set. There is a 2A charger, a rather long cable and a silicone cover for the back of the phone. There are no earphones. They would probably increase the price of the whole device…

Let us take a look at the front. There are trends (or rather a small fallow-ups) of the modern fashion. There is an eye-pleasant 2.5D arced glass on edges, but there is the controversial notch at the top of the display as well. What is more – it is rather large. It does not look good and it causes problems, which I will describe while talking about the interface. And the rather wide bezel under the display is not effective either.

They have tried to fill up the place with the notifications LED – and they have almost done it. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the LED is too small, discrete, and placed too close to the side of the housing. It could have been done better – I think I would prefer the LED in the wide notch… But instead of it we can find there a facial recognition system. It is good, it works rather fast, it cannot be cheated with a photo, it works even with a weak lighting, but… it is not active.

Source: GSMchoice.com

By: Mateusz Poniecki

By: Adam Łukowski

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